Romantic Five Senses Gifts for Her (Girlfriend, Fiancée or Wife)

Last updated on November 25th, 2020

We discussed some of the five senses gift ideas for a male lover. Now I will give you some good romantic five senses gifts for her: your girlfriend, fiancée or wife.

If you haven’t heard of the five senses concept, it revolves around giving presents that represent or stimulate the five basic senses: sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell. These five senses gifts were originally meant for lovers but now people give this concept of gifts to people without any romantic intentions.

However, today, we will discuss five senses gifts for a female lover. I will give ten ideas for each sense and you can work on that. These gift ideas are perfect for any occasion you celebrate with your Greek goddess, only you can change the way you present the gifts. For Valentines day or anniversaries, you can make this a whole day event, giving one gift after the other. For other occasions like Christmas or her birthday, you can compile your (keepsake) gifts into a gift basket and give the basket to her.

Gift for the Sight

For this gift of the five senses, the sight should satisfy her love for artistic stuff.

This is a cool example of a gift for the SIGHT. Imagine around twelve of these in your backyard at night, together with a backyard candlelit dinner! So sweet!

Like for men, the ladies are visual beings but not for sexual but rather artistic appreciation. For the gift for her sight, you can give her gifts that feed her artistic side.

  1. Photo montage of your travels. Women would like to see something she can appreciate form time to time, so get her one of these photo collage frames and fill it up with your journey as lovers.
  2. A painting class. This is a true story. I wanted to take my wife to an unconventional date and took her to a painting session. At first she was unsure if she would enjoy it, but as we started, she did. She even admitted she would want to try it again sometime. The paintings are now on display in our bedroom.
  3. Nature trip! Take her to the beach or waterfall or a lake.
  4. A nice pair of sunglasses!
  5. Watch a fireworks display. Or a ballet recital. (This is worth mentioning, do not take her to the game… unless she loves sports too. It is your gift to her, not a gift for yourself.)
  6. Hire this puppet to give your message for her. Upload it on Youtube.
  7. Write a poem. Have a calligrapher artfully write it on paper, have it framed.
  8. Or you can also get a framed poem ready for her. There are so many at
  9. Write her a handwritten love letter.
  10. Firefly in a jar. This is very romantic, especially if many are presented at night.
  11. Beautiful candles for the bathroom.
  12. Rose petals scattered on the bedroom floor and on her bed.
  13. Take her to go hiking, or snorkeling or diving, so see the beauty of nature!

Here are more gift ideas for the sight.

Gifts for the Touch

Out of the five senses, the touch is the sexiest for the ladies.

A lace chemise will make her FEEL beautiful!

Here you can give sexy gifts, as the touch is sexiest among the five senses.

  1. An elegant dress that flatters her figure and height,. You might want to employ the help of her friends for this one.
  2. Sultry nightwear. She will feel wanted and loved. It gives back too, buddies.
  3. A silk scarf. This can be used on intimate moments, too!
  4. Jewellery like a fine necklace or a pair of dangling earrings.
  5. You can also buy her other pieces of jewellery!
  6. A pair of stilletos to come with the dress!
  7. Spa gift vouchers (for gift basket) or come with her to the spa…
  8. … Or you can also buy massage oils and massage her yourself!
  9. Buy foot scrub and give her a foot massage.
  10. Hand and body lotion.
  11. Hand sanitizer. (One funny hand santizer I found this is Maybe You Touched Your Genitals hand sanitizer. Definitely worth for the laughs.)
  12. Hand warmers. You can get one of these exothermic hand warmers from Think Geek. They look pretty cool and they are reusable, too.

Here are more gift ideas for the touch.

Gifts for the Hearing

She will love to hear you say, “I love you” without actually saying it!

  1. A CD of the most memorable music for her.
  2. Have a song written for her. The guy from is pretty cool.
  3. If you can play instruments or can sing, you can serenade her.
  4. Karaoke night for you two.
  5. An iPod, fill it up with music.
  6. Climb a mountain, shout your love for her at the top.
  7. If she plays a musical instrument, you can buy accessories or buy her another one.
  8. Concert tickets to her favorite band.
  9. Musical jewellery box.
  10. A nice wristwatch. She can her the ticking of the clock, no?
  11. If your lady love likes pets, a parrot. Bonus points if the parrot can already say, I love you.

Here are more gift ideas for the sense of hearing.

Gifts for the Taste

This part of the five senses gifts for her lets her taste your love!

A sushi making workshop is fun and you can both TASTE the sushi you are making!

Food and drinks are the most comforting gifts. Here are some ideas!

  1. Go to her favorite restaurant…
  2. … Or cook her a meal…
  3. … Or hire a chef to cook for you two! The chef will even do the grocery and will come to your cozy home to cook! No need to get out of the house.
  4. You can also prepare a picnic.
  5. Visit a vineyard and taste the wine they make there.
  6. A box of delicious chocolates
  7. … Or chocolate covered strawberries, pair it up with wine.
  8. Because we are talking chocolates, how about a chocolate tour?
  9. How about a sushi making workshop? Eat the sushi too!
  10. Spice set. Offer to cook the first meal cooked with the spice set together.
  11. You can also go to a fruit picking tour. Pick her favorite fruit an she can indulge fruit picking while eating them!
  12. How about a coffee sampler? This is definitely a must if she loves drinking coffee.

Here are more gift ideas for the sense of taste.

Gifts for the Smell

Can you smell the love?

The watermelon variant of Diamond Candles SMELL nice and looks nice too. Almost too good to light up.

Women’s smell senses are more sensitive than men. Make your gift pleasurable to the nose!

  1. Women love a good smelling perfume. Try Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. This smells nice and is a best seller, too!
  2. Good smelling incense.
  3. Scented candles. Try Diamond Candles Watermelon Candle. They smell great, the packaging is really nice, too!
  4. A bouquet of sweet smelling flowers. Try getting a bouquet of wild flowers or my wife’s favorite: a nice bouquet of stargazers, because they smell so darn good, they last a long time on the vase, too. Good thing she is not Japanese.
  5. Fragrance gift basket.
  6. Aromatherapy session.
  7. Scented lip balm.
  8. Vanilla-flavored bubble bath! You can also surprise her by preparing the bubble bath yourself, complete with rose petals and champagne.
  9. Artisan soap bars. These look decorative, almost too beautiful to use!
  10. Body cream. Body butter.

Here are more gift ideas for the sense of smell.

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