Great Fireman Gifts That Will Make Them Feel Loved

Last updated on April 24th, 2018

Being a fireman is one of the most noblest profession ever. Aside from putting out flames from houses and buildings, they volunteer their lives so they can save lives, from the smallest kitten stuck on top of a tree to a crippled old woman from a burning building.

Needless to say, every fireman has the most noble heart. Isn’t it time to give them something back? If you agree, here are some fireman gifts that will make that fireman in your life feel special and loved!

Fire Extinguisher LIghter

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If your fireman smokes, then this would be an awesome gift. This lighter is fashioned over the image of the firefighter's most basic equipment, the fire extinguisher. It would look cool for him to use this fire extinguisher lighter to light up his cigarette after a hard day's work -- totally badass. This is a really nice way for him to show the world that he is proud of his profession, too!

Wooden Firefighter Coasters

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These wooden firefighter coasters will be perfect on the coffee table of a firefighter's house. If he is the brash, manly type of firefighter who thinks coasters are for sissies, then you can give these to the firefighter's spouse. These are very decorative and very beautiful to look at!

Funny Muscle Fireman Apron

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He works with fire and if he likes to play with fire too! Likes to cook, that is. If your fireman is describable with these words, then this funny apron if just for him! Whenever he wears this muscled fireman apron, it gives the illusion that he is wearing a topless uniform, with rippling biceps and washboard abs. Awesome. Bonus gag points of he is on the heavy side or is very thin!

Firefighter Silhouette Map Art

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A cool way to honor that fireman in your life is to get them a decorative all plaque that bears his name. After all, the sweetest word for a person is his own name. This decorative firefighter map art shows a silhouette of a fireman and his name, plus a map on the background. You can also choose to customize the color of the silhouette and change the background into another map, a papyrus or a page in the dictionary bearing the word, "Fireman". Fireman gifts this make him feel proud and honored.

Firefighter Flask

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This flask bears the beautiful seal of firefighters. The outer coating is also made of real cherry wood veneer, which looks gorgeous to look at. What a fashionable way to carry one's calming booze whenever he finishes a day's job. Surely, he will be the envy of other firemen at work!

Fireman Hero Coffee Mug

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Whoever said that the worst gift is a coffee mug is sorely mistaken! This coffee mug bears the print "Real heroes do not wear capes." plus a fireman hat, honoring every fireman out there by calling them heroes. This also hold coffee... for that daily caffeine fix needed for firefighting!

"I am a Fireman, What's Your Superpower?" Coffee Mug

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Just another coffee mug, this time, bearing the words, "I am a Fireman, What's Your Superpower?". This can go with the other coffee mug I mentioned above, especially of your fireman really loves coffee.

Decorative Praying Fireman Statue

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If your fireman is a Christian, then you can give him this decorative statue, featuring a fireman, kneeling and praying to God. This is an awesome way to remind him that there is a higher being guiding and protecting him whenever he does his job and for cool way for him to show his faith and be proud of his duty.

Gifts for Female Firefighters: A Charmbracelet

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Female firefighters should not be left giftless, too! Here is a firefighter themed charm bracelet a firewoman can use casually whenever she is not out putting out fires. This charm bracelet is also very suitable for the wives and daughters of firemen, too.

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