Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Wood, Silverware and Others

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

Five years of marriage! Congratulations! Most couples who reach five years of marriage are the ones who stay together forever. To celebrate this wonderful milestone, why not give your loved one an anniversary gift? Traditionally, themed gifts are given on anniversary day. Wood is usually given traditionally, but modern themes include silverware.

This list of fifth wedding anniversary gifts will provide you with ideas on what to give your love. Take a look!

Wooden Abstract Sculpture

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A lover's statue is a great gift idea. This Eternal Love statue is made of wood, so it fits the themed traditional anniversary gift. More so, this will look great standing on a mantle, bedside table or a desk. This is a fifth anniversary wooden gift idea that will last quite a long, up until your 50th, perhaps.

Wooden Ring

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Wooden rings usually look cheap, but this one just looks gorgeous. It is not all wood, but is a tungsten ring with a wooden insert. It will look good on any color of skin. It is unisex, meaning it can be gifted to the wife, the husband or buying two of these will make for a good couple's ring to be gifted to a couple celebrating their fifth year.

Wooden Rose

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Following the tradition of giving themed roses every year, the missus will definitely love to receive this wooden rose. It is around eighteen inches tall, so it will look good standing on a mantle or a work desk. Your wife will love the thought of you getting flowers that represent the themed traditional gifts.

Clock and Compass in a Wooden Box

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Hey, ladies, listen up. When gifting to a man, you should choose what he needs and want, not what you think will be perfect. Men like useful things, so why not give him this pocket compass and watch in a wooden box? Wood follows the traditional gift theme and he will love the fact that you understand what guys want.

Wooden Jewelry Box

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For the wife, a great wooden gift idea would be a wooden jewellery box. I bet you have given your wifey quite a few blings and baubles in the past, now is them time to give her something to organize those in. This particular jewellery box looks gorgeous and expensive (although it is not pricey) and the craftsmanship on this oaken masterpiece is unparalleled.

5th Anniversary Couple's Shirt

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"After five years, she is still my greatest catch!" Really sweet, eh? Both of you can get this shirt and wear this on you fifth anniversary date. Just make sure the wife gets the right shirt (just look through the seller's shop) because this one says, "she".

Knife Set

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Since silverware is a modern gift idea, you can also get silverware as a gift. A knife set is a great silverware present, and a couple who are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary will appreciate getting a new knife set. This super high quality set of knives include the block (with sharpener) and 17 knives and one scissors.

He Wood Cologne for Men

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Thinking out-of-the-box, wood can be cologne too. Many cologne woody scents, and He Wood cologne is an example (hey, it says wood on the name, too). This is a great gift idea that will give back because having a sexy-smelling husband is definitely something every woman would want.

She Wood Cologne for Women

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Like the wood cologne for men, woman can have a wood cologne too. The cologne above has a female counterpart, She Wood (it says wood on the name too!). This cologne has gathered quite a few positive comments from users who have tried the cologne, so your wife will definitely smell nice with this scent on.

Gondola Ride for Two

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If you want something romantic to be experienced, you might want to get a gondola ride. This is one of the most romantic dates any couple will ever experience (especially when the gondolier sings). Most gondola ride for two offer a small dinner (like wine and cheese and crackers) which the couple can enjoy while looking at the breathtaking view of the city and basking in the beautiful moonlight.

DIY 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift: "Love You" Framed Scrabble Tiles

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This is a so simple yet so cute DIY project for the 5th Anniversary. Framed scrabble tiles that say, "Love You". Since scrabble tiles and the frame are both wood, this can come as a traditional gift too. Your spouse will surely love the thought and energy you spent in creating this gift. You can get the instructions (so easy, so simple!) at 320 Sycamore Blog. Check it out, ladies and gents!

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