Employee Appreciation Day: Events and Gift Ideas

Employee appreciation day is the chance of employees to celebrate the honor of having great employees to realize his company’s goals. This is the day to show appreciation over the company’s most talented and skilled employees and to show new recruits that they are valuable, too.

This holiday is celebrated every first Friday of March. While this is not a legal holiday, many offices are closed to give employees time to play in company-sponsored programs.

Date of Celebration: 1st Friday of March

Gifting Level: 4/5

What Do People Do During Employee Appreciation Day?

How Employee Appreciation Day is Celebrated

Many medium to large companies create events to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. Games like tug-of-war are always present.

Many medium to large companies create events to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. Games like tug-of-war are always present.

This is the date where bosses show appreciation for their employees, so many offices take a break from the normal everyday work.

For larger companies, this day is usually spent with a program that usually involves the employees’ families, making it a fun-filled family day. Games, concerts and a feast are held during this day for many large-scale corporations.

Medium-sized companies often opt to hold small team building events, holding them in various location, making this day a mini-vacation for the team. Likewise, games and food are always present.

Small companies will usually just hold a dinner if they do not cancel work for this day or just give the employees a paid day off.

How Did Employee Appreciation Day Start?

This event started as a brainchild of the Guru of Thank You, Dr. Bob Nelson in 1995. Since finding, hiring and training employees take a long time and is costly, employers thought this was a good idea. Additionally, Boss Day is already an observance during this time and employers thought it is a nice idea to return the favor.

What Kind of Gifts Should I Give On Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Cupcakes

Employee Appreciation Cupcakes

If you are a company employee yourself, you can just not bother spending on gifts on this day. After all, this is about you!

If you are someone who works as supervisor and up, you should think of giving small, inexpensive trinkets to show your employees you appreciate them doing the hours for the company. This is aside from the company-held program or dinner party

Be sure to give gifts of equal value to all your employees to avoid jealousy and feelings of being left out.

Here are some ideas:

– Inexpensive but highly useful gifts are appreciated. Things like towels, clutch bags, coffee mugs are very nice.

– Snacks and foodstuffs they can munch on while working. Packs of gourmet cookies, chocolate bars and dried fruits are great. Tea and coffee samplers are excellent choices, since most workers value these as “work fuel”.

– Unique and useful office supplies like organizers, funny office signs, weird pens and papers, stress balls.

– This is the time where gift cards are very much appreciated.

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