Elephant-Themed Gift Ideas for Elephant Lovers

Last updated on April 17th, 2018

E is for elephant. And E is for ecosystem. Unbeknownst to many people, the ecosystem benefits a lot from elephants as they keep balance in nature by removing thorny trees and creating watering holes for other animals to get water with. They are also good at nurturing soil condition thru elephant droppings that acts as fertilizer. This is why elephants are also known as giant gardeners of the wild.

Elephants are easily characterized by their huge stature and very long nose which they use to drink water. But they are also misunderstood and still remains at significant risk of habitat loss due to illegal logging. They are also poached to perform in circuses just to please the humans. Some people are even into the slaughter of these animals for its incomparable meat. Illegal poachers are after their ivory tusks which are made for sale in the ivory black-market.

So do not buy ivory products such as jewelry, statues, sculptures and the likes to help save elephants. Rather, flaunt your love for elephants by collecting these elephant-themed items. And, did you know that a baby elephant is also a popular décor for baby nurseries? This is because a baby elephant’s cuteness is often likened to a human baby. So check this list now for cute must-have elephant-themed gift ideas. You can also share this as a gift to your fellow elephant collector buddies!

Psychedellic Elephant Tapestry

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Brighten up any room and create a statement piece that will add instant style to the wall of your home. It can also be used as a table cloth, a bed spread, furniture throw, curtains, altar cloth, dorm divider, beach cover up and more. Indeed, it is multipurpose that is why it makes a perfect gift.

Trumpeting Elephant Globe Lamp

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This is a special, one-of-a kind home or office accent that could be a perfect finishing touch for your bedside table for a romantic and oriental feel. Illuminate your living space with charm and style.

Colorful Elephant Teapot

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Need more flair? Get cozy during your tea time with this colorful elephant teapot that is surely a great addition to any elephant lovers and elephant-themed decor collectors.

Elephant Tile Coaster

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Liven up any room or party and protect your furniture and floor surface from scratches with these distinctive tile coasters with a fab elephant design. What a better way to celebrate elephant's existence while being in style with elephant-themed gift ideas like these!

Elephant Coloring Book for Adults

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Working adults are prone to stress which is why coloring books specially designed for adults are the rave since last year up to now. Get ready to relieve stress and relive your childhood coloring habits with this entertaining elephant coloring book that has removable pages that allows you to frame your masterpiece.

Elephant Hoodie Robe

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Level up your lounging night robe game with this cute plush elephant hoodie robe. Get super cute and cozy and make your night time a perfect treat! So the next time you and your friends spend a slumber party together, envious eyes will be on you and your robe.

Elephant-Design T-Shirt

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Get this eye-catching photo-realistic elephant shirt as a gift to family, friends and relatives or yourself on birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, or for no reason at all. Dress it down with shorts or jeans and your getup is guaranteed to be in style.

Elephant-Print Scarf

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Scarf, shawl, sarong or anything you call it, this fashion piece will certainly make you more chic and attractive. Show your love for elephants at the same time too by getting this charming elephant printed scarf as a treat for yourself or a gift for your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Elephant-Pattern Pants

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If you love elephants and tribal patterns, here is a combination of the two! These black and white wide pants are loose, lightweight and comfortable so they are ideal for yoga, pilates, meditation, beach wear or lounging around the house. These can also make great pajama pants for your daily use.

Colorful Elephant Pin

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Express yourself with ideal way to mark yourself as an elephant lover while unleashing the gypsy inside you with this stunning pin. Style this in your dress, shirt or hats and you're ready for any occasions.

Origami Elephant Pin Badge

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Do you love elephants? Do you also happen to love Japan? Well, combine your love for these two with this origami inspired badge. Elephant-themed gift ideas like these are surely distinctive enough to declare your love for elephants and Japan while being in style.

Elephant Thermos

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Drink to a healthier hair, skin, mind and body. Drink with this double-wall vacuum insulated thermos with this adorable elephant design to a more trendy sense of style. Hydration never looked this good!

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