Easter Sunday: Celebration and Gifts

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

Easter Sunday is a Christian holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Christ from death after being crucified at the cross. Easter marks the end of the Lenten season and most Cristian families get together to have a mass at the church, followed by a lunch feast and games for the children.

Easter Monday follows Easter Sunday and is usually an observed holiday in the United States.

When it is Celebrated: Sunday, depending on March Equinox

Gifting Level: 4/5

What Do People Do on Easter Sunday?

Easter Parade Outfit

Easter Parade Outfit

Easter Sunday is usually celebrated by Christian families. However, non-Chirstians can still join the festivities.

Easter parades are big in the United States, which is an informal parade and bears little religious significance. Therefore, anyone is invited regardless of religion. These parades are also a fashion event and attendants usually wear new fine clothes to impress other people of their finery.

Many Christian families attend Easter Sunday mass and friends get together for a backyard lunch feast followed by a series of games for the children.

One notable Easter game is the Easter Egg Hunt where colored eggs are hidden in a particular place and the kids need to look for them. They get to keep the eggs after. The eggs range from ordinary, hard-boiled eggs to chocolate eggs to plastic eggs with toys or money inside.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Gift giving is also a large part of the Easter Sunday celebration and the adults usually give toys, Easter eggs, candies, crafting supplies and money to the children.

Many establishments are closed on the following day, Easter Monday.

What Kind of Gifts Should I Give on Easter?

Easter is big on gifts, and the presents are most of the time focused on the children.

Easter egg toys are a huge hit to the children on Easter Sunday!

Egg-themed gifts make great gifts. Eggs with small toys inside will bring the children glee, as well as eggs with candies and small amounts of money. You can also give chocolate eggs if you want!

Easter Bunny Suit for Children!

The bunny has also been an icon of Easter. Bunny themed gifts like shirts with bunny prints, bunny headbands, bunny plush toys are great. If your recipient is a baby, people will enjoy looking at him if you dress him up in a cute bunny suit.

Easter is also a time for arts and crafts, and is a time to make homemade Easter cards and gifts for the adults. Buy the little ones art materials and make a few DIY presents for their parents, aunts and uncles and teachers. Here are some Easter kid’s crafts!

Lastly, Easter is a time for treats, so cakes, cupcakes and pies are appreciated if you can bake!

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