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Last updated on November 16th, 2020

Easter Monday is a Christian observance which is the day after Easter Sunday. Easter Monday is widely celebrated in some largely Christian cultures, especially in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox cultures.  In 21 countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, it is observed as a public holiday and considered as part of Easter.

When it is Celebrated: Monday after Easter Sunday

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What Do People Do on Easter Monday?

On Easter Monday, Christians around the globe celebrate it as a day of rest especially for those countries that celebrate it as a public holiday.  Easter parades known as Dyngus or Splash Monday occur on Easter Monday in some parts of the world.

Egg roll occurs in the White House in the United States and this tradition started way back last 1878.  While in Germany, Easter egg races are held.

More About Easter Monday

Easter Sunday falls on March 27 this year, with Good Friday on March 25, and Easter Monday on March 28.  The Easter date depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of the March equinox.  Easter Monday was formerly regarded as unlucky and was therefore known as Black Monday (White Monday in Greece).  Easter Monday was known as the Day of the Easter Egg Bundle or the Day of Feasts in Ireland. In the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland, Easter Monday is a day of remembrance for the people who died in the Easter Rising on 1916.  Easter eggs are delivered by fox in Germany while in Switzerland these are delivered by a cuckoo.  In the United States, the egg giving tradition started in the 18th century which is brought by the Protestant German immigrants in the Dutch area of Pennsylvania.

Easter Symbols

For Christians, the cross is the most important symbol of Easter but it is widely accepted worldwide to include eggs, rabbits, nests and lambs as symbols of Easter.  Eggs are used because they symbolize new life.  While the rabbits and hares symbolized rebirth.  The Easter bunny is thought to have originated from the German Lutherans that is similar to Father Christmas.  The Easter hare tells if the child is bad or good and would run up to Easter.  Children believe that the Easter hare or bunny hides the colored Easter eggs, the sweet surprises and lay them on the garden before Easter Sunday.

In the 19th century the first chocolate eggs appeared in Germany and France.  Even up to this date, chocolate Easter eggs have remained to be the best Easter gifts and have become very popular worldwide.

Hot cross buns are also part of the tradition which is commonly eaten during Good Friday.

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