Awesome DIY Valentines Day Gifts [Part 2: Seven Gifts for Women]

In our last post, we had five DIY V-day gift ideas for men. This post will discuss seven more DIY Valentines Day gifts… this time, for the women. (See DIY V-day gifts for friends here.)

With the rising costs of flowers, chocolates and teddies when the Valentines season is coming, you can make DIY Valentines Day gifts for women and save money to make room for an extra special dinner. This reason is more important if you are trying to live frugally or want to add a little more labor of love to your gifts.

Here are some DIY V-day presents you should be creating for your woman.

1. Heart Snow Globe

Valentines Snow globe

Who said snow globes should be given on Christmas only? You can also make one for Valentines day and your lady will love it because you made it! These are easy to make and they are waterless. Makes them an amazing thing to look at. Whipperberry has all the instructions on how to create one!

2. Pompom Flower Bouquet

Pompom Flower Bouquet

Why buy wilted Valentines flowers for three times the regular (and fresher, too) flowers on regular days? You can just create these pompom flower made of yarn. Camille Styles shows you how to make it on her blog. You can tell your woman you made those flowers in lieu  of real ones which you will give her after V-day, which are fresher, more beautiful. Cheaper too… but do not tell her that. 😉

3. Message in a Bottle

Mesage In a Bottle

This can be your Valentines card to her! This super sweet gift is your sweet Valentines love letter to your woman inserted in a little bottle, much like the ones you see people throw in the ocean when they get stuck in an island. It looks so cute and your woman will gush over the sweet message you have inside. Sweetness level, Over 9000. This is also made by Camille Styles and the tutorial is in her blog.

4. 52 Reasons Why I love You

53 Reasons Why I love You

You can transform a deck of cards into a booklet that lists why you love your woman. you can use images found in the internet to spruce up your reasons, and your reasons do not all have to be deep. In fact, most can be just sweet nothings like, “I love how you because you always steal the blanket from me at night!” but also add some deep things to throw her emotions off. This will be a really nice roller coaster ride of emotions as the read all the reasons. She will laugh, cry, then laugh again, then cry again. A memorable experience! Little Gray Fox shows you how to make it.

5. V-Day Treats Bag

V-day Treats Bag

Got a few *boring* bard of chocolate? You can spruce it up like Wholly Kao does. You can also decorate a gift bag to put the candies in. Yum!

6. Valentines Candy Jar

Valentines Mason Candy Jars

You can fill up a mason jar with colorful candies and put a nice pun label on it. This is a really nice way to present your candy gifts for you woman. You can also layer differently colored candy (like Skittles or M & M’s, segregate by color) to make a rainbow that looks good on the outside. Printables found at Yesterday on Tuesday.

7. Framed Button Heart

DIY Framed Button Heart

Have extra buttons at home? You can turn them into a really nice mosaic art by gluing them into a heart and framing them. Super simple but very beautiful. This also works nice on button pins, coins, even bottle caps. Stone Gable Blog shows you step by step pictures.

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