Awesome DIY Valentines Day Gifts [Part 1: Five Gifts for Men]

If you are broke on V-day or just want to put a little more labor of love to your presents, then DIY gifts is for you! I have compiled 19 DIY Valentines Day gifts you can present to your lover or friends on hearts day! This is divided into gifts for men, gifts for women and gifts for friends! This page will discuss the presents for men. We have five presents you can make.

Take note that this collection does not include kid’s crafts. We have a separate page for that!

Men in general would want gifts that are useful or fun. Or, at least something he can eat. Guys would not usually appreciate cutesy, girly romantic stuff, like that colorful heart plaque you found on Pinterest. The reason I said that is sometimes ladies find a project “too cute” or “really sweet” and think the guys will like it. When giving gifts for men, cute should not be your operative term, but more on “useful”, “fun”, “sexy”, “manly”. Get the gist? This rings especially true with DIY Valentines gifts for men. (You can find out more about this reasoning here.)

Well, onto the DIY presents. Here they are, your five DIY Valentines Day gifts for men.

1. Heart-Eating Dinosaur

Valentines Dinosaur Statue

So nerdy, so fun! If your guy is on the geeky type, he will appreciate this heart-eating golden dinosaur. With its tiny hands a pile of hearts and one being chewed, Rawr! You can also glue the dinosaur to a stone coaster and spray paint it gold too, to turn the statue into a paperweight. See all the instructions at Lovely Indeed! I can see myself using this on my home office, as a paperweight and a fun statue to look at.

2. Pie In a Jar

Valentines Day Pie in a Jar

Delicious. Men love to eat and this is one edible heart he could not resist. The heart crust is a perfect reminder of the labor of love you put into making his delicious pies in jars (you are making more than one, right?) and he can take a jar to the office for him to enjoy at work. Green Wedding Shoes shows you how to bake these delish V-day treats.

3. Pixel Heart Necklace

DIY-pixel-heart-necklace Valentines Day Gift

A really geeky heart jewellery for a geeky man! I am a guy who someone who grew up playing NES and this reminds me of my favorite childhood games. I would not mind wearing this super stylish paper necklace. How to make this super nice nerd necklace? How About Orange will show you how.

4. DIY Sexy Love Coupons

DIY Love Coupons for Men

Ah! Love coupons! Could be the most classic gift men receive on Valentine’s day! Why not personalize it a bit by adding your personal touch to the printouts offered at Life of Beth? These are awesome by itself but it gets even more fun if you put in your own personal comments, spin and personality on the coupons. Just be sure youa re willing to perform the tasks you put into the tickets, mmmk?

5. Valentines Beer Bottles

Valentines Beer Labels

For the beer guys, you can print out some personalized beer labels and glue them to his favorite band of beer. Chill and serve, make your man happier on Valentines day. The printables are found at Smart Party Planning.

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