Awesome DIY Valentines Day Gifts [Part 3: Seven Gifts for Friends]

You have made DIY V-day gifts for men and for women. Now, if you are looking for some gifts to make to spread the love to your friends, then you are in the right place! I have compiled nine DIY gifts suitable to give to your friends on hearts day. Here are my seven DIY Valentines Day gifts for friends.

1. Lush Plant With Label

Valentines Catus

What a cute gift! A lush plant gives a bit of cheer to a lonely desk plus it purifies the air. A plant as a Valentines day gift just screams “platonic love!” perfect for giving a V-day present for the opposite sex when you do not want to send any mixed signals. Printables and how to plant a cactus is on Vitamini Handmade.

2. “You’re the Bomb” Bath Bombs

Youre the Bomb Bath Bomb

For your girl friends! The ladies do love getting pampered on Valentines day, so treat them to a luxurious bath! These homemade bath bombs will make their bathtub fizzle, gently massaging her skin while emitting a very nice scent. Perfect for the single girl on Valentines Day! The instructions and printables are found at Crazy About My Baybah.

3. Rainbow Sock Hearts

Rainbow Sock Heart

You can make many of these and give them away at the office. These nice sock hearts contain rice, which naturally heavy, making this a nice paperweight. Also, they look just to cute… a nice decor to a lonely desk, I’d say! Sas Does has the instructions on how to make these!

4. Valentine Candy Box

Valentines Candy Box

Another cool DIY Valentines gift for your girl friends! Just buy some pieces of colorful candy (heart candies work best, but you can also use other small pieces, like Kisses) and put them inside this really nice DIY Valentines box. Do not worry if you cover the message inside, it adds a surprise when they ate enough candy, right? Instructions and more pictures at The Crafted Life.

5. Valentine Luminaries

Valentines Luminaries

Here is an idea, make one of these for each of your single friends and then plan a camping trip or at least a night picnic in your back yard. Present them these super nice V-day luminaries. They will love the way these look at night! How to make these? Me and My Scraps will show you how!

6. Love Potion #9

Love POtion #9

Here is an easy idea: buy some red colored soda bottles and print some fake labels like this “Love Potion #9″. (Or if you are big Potterhead like me, you can use “Amortentia”) Super easy, yet super cool. This also works nice as a drinks in a Valentines day party. This is a concept from The Dating Divas.

7. Golden Love Bugs


This is a really cool idea. Just buy some large rubber insect toys, and spray paint them gold. Paint a red heart at the butts of the hearts for that Valentine touch. makes a nice gift to the guy friends. Studio DIY Shows you how to make these!

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