DIY Rose Paper Gift Topper

Last updated on November 5th, 2015

I think that the presentation of the gift is half of the gifting process so I am always on the look out for good gift wrapping ideas.

Yesterday, I just found a  really good DIY gift topper that adds up a bit of elegance to a gift in plain brown paper. This is the rose paper gift topper picture I found and it looks really, really nice.

Image grabbed with permission from Lia Griffth of Elli.

Image grabbed with permission from Lia Griffth of Elli.

Anyway, it looks too complicated, right? Not really. I think anyone who at least did a little paper crafting in school is going to be able to follow the surprisingly easy step-by-step instructions below.

These instructions were meant for a rose hair clip, but I think you can use the no-stem version, don’t glue the hair clip and just glue it to the top of the gift wrap. The instruction was taken with permission from Lia Griffith.


I am thinking this will be a perfect way to present a gift to a female lover on Valentines day (or her birthday for that matter) or your best girl friend (your bff). I’d recommend using a piece of newspaper, magazine or a map to make the gift even more artistic. I also think you can use this top top not only boxed gifts but also gifts in cans or in gift bags.

A big hat tip to Lia and Emily for giving me permission to republish this cool idea!

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