Father’s Day? Birthday? Christmas? Here Are Some DIY Gifts for Dads!

In honors of our dearest father, we have gathered the top DIY gifts for dad.  For sure he would appreciate your thoughtfulness and would love you more.  Ensure that you would give him something that he can use not just a piece of decoration that would accumulate dust in his garage or on his man cave.  Making a DIY gift for dad would mean that you have given your time and exerted effort in creating that gift.  Dad would see that you made the DIY gift for him by your own hands with love, plus given that a DIY gift is inexpensive than the traditional gifts in the market which makes you a wiser son or daughter compared to others after all!  Check out our DIY gifts for dads below to see which one you would find suitable for your dear dad.

Laptop Riser

DIY Gifts for Dad - laptop Riser

A tech savvy dad would have gadgets around always at hand.  He uses his laptop for work and even for pleasure such as watching movies and playing his favorite games.  You can make his laptop use more enjoyable through the laptop riser.  You only need few materials and most of them are easily seen at home such as plywood stool, screws and more.  Most of these materials are just lounging around the house with no purpose at all.  You can put them together and come up with a laptop riser and gift make a DIY gift for dad by following the easy steps on this blog: Manmade DIY.

DIY Jack Daniels Cake

DIY Gifts for Dad - Jack Daniels Cake

If you have a dad who is fond of eating sweet cake and gulping Jack Daniels or Coke on the side then you can  surprise him with a DIY gift for dad through this simple and delicious DIY Jack Daniels cake.  You can be guided in this blog: Brit + Co. by using the step by step procedure stated elaborately. Only few ingredients are required to make this Jack and coke cake and for sure most of them are already in your fridge and kitchen pantry.  All you have to do is to put them all together as stated on the blog.

Etched Beer Growler

DIY Gifts for Dad - Beer Growler

Making a personalized and DIY gift means you have thought about this gift for a long time because you have allotted time and effort to come up with it.

If you have a beer loving dad and would like to surprise him with a personalized beer growler then you are on the right track because we have found the guided procedure on how to make your very own DIY gift for dad.

This personalized and DIY etched beer growler is easy to make and you can even put a saying or favorite dad remark as you like to make it more personalized.  The materials for this project can easily be procured and you can make it in no time at all.

Check out this blog: Kristimurphy to give you the full details.

DIY Beef Jerky

DIY Gifts for Dad - Beef Jerky

Speaking of beer, the usual beer match of dads are the popular beef jerky.  Are you aware that you can make your very own beef jerky at home?  Yes you can, and it’s very easy to make.  Check out this blog: Art of manliness for a detailed way on how to make your own beefy jerky for your dad.  This DIY gift for dad would not cost you a fortune and would only render few ingredients and most of them are readily available at home.  What more can dad ask for?  He would have his ice cold beer and his favorite beef jerky that you made by yourself while watching his favorite team play on TV!

DIY Camping Stool

DIY Gifts for Dad - Camping Stool

Do you have a dad who loves adventure?  If you have a dad who loves adventure through camping, he would appreciate to receive a camping item that he can use on his quest for adventure.  This DIY tripod camping stool is very easy to make.  Some even say that even a kid can do it!  The details on how to make your very own camping stool is detailed on this blog: Design sponge.  Materials such as wood, knife, rag and more are easily procurable and are readily available in any hardware or market.  You can also alter the size so that dad can sit easily on this DIY gift for dad that he can use in his camping quest.

DIY Shaving Cream

DIY Gifts for Dad - Shaving Cream

Dad is hairy alright and he has this bushy beard that mom hates and criticizes every time.  You would often hear mom reminding dad to shave of his beard anytime soon!  Help dad to whip up his bushy beard by gifting him this DIY shaving cream.  This DIY gift for dad is an all-natural shaving cream that he would surely love.  The blog: Food for my family has the complete details on how to make your DIY shaving cream.  You can also toss some ingredients and change them if you are not fond of mixing rosemary and mint together.  But if you would ask me, rosemary and mint are refreshing to the nose and also for the skin which would give dad a more relaxed and clean feel after every shave.


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