50 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas You Should Start Creating Now! (Part 1)

Last updated on November 5th, 2015

Christmas is less than 100 days from now! If you are a little short on your budget, then you might want to start crafting good gift ideas for your friends and families.

No idea what to make? You are in luck! I created a list of 50 homemade (DIY) Christmas gift ideas that are suitable to just about anybody on your list!

(After looking at the draft, I thought this was too long, so i decided to chop this into three parts. This is part 1, which contains the first 20 DIY Christmas presents! Part 2 is here! I finally got around publishing the third part. Check here.)

What were my criteria for selecting the gifts?

I employed two rules in choosing the DIY Christmas gifts:

First, it should be craftable by just about anyone with average crafting skills. So, you wont see woodworks or metalworks here.

Second, the gift idea should be giftable on a personal level. No Christmas ornaments.

The Perfect Mix Flavors

Perfect Mix + 49 More DIY Gift Idea for Christmas

DIY Christmas food gift! This gift idea mixes cocoa, marshmallows, peppermint squares in a jar plus a heart-shaped candy cane and a mini-bottle of liquor. perfect to keeping warm in the winter months. For instructions, you can check out Hey Gorgeous.

Instagram Coasters

Instagram Coasters + 49 More DIY Gift Idea for Christmas

If you have a friend who loves taking pictures and uploading them on Instagram or Facebook, you can totally grab their photos and turn them into these super cute DIY coasters. You can also do this to just about any photo, really. This is an awesome gift idea by Foam Magazine.

Chalkboard Mug

Chalkboard Mug + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Oh wow! A coffee mug you can write on! I figure this coffee mug will not only keep a person warm during the Holidays, it can also be a source of entertainment and maybe artistic inspiration. The instructions are at Wit and Whistle.

Magnetic Tote Bags

Magnetic Bag + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

So unique! This tote bag has a magnetic area where you can put magnet decorations. You can put letters to form messages for your recipient or you can customize the bag further by buying other magnets aside from the letter shaped ones. Ducklings in a Row will teach you how to make this cool tote bag.

Spoon Ring

Spoon Ring + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Who would have thunk? A jewellery made from spoons! This looks rustic but elegant at the same time. If you want to make this, you can check out the guide at Through the Front Door.

Fried Oreos

Fried Oreos + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

‘Tis the season to eat sweets! When I read “fried Oreos”, I was a little hesitant but looking at the photos, it is a good thing I checked the blog. this looks super good and will make any person with a sweet tooth happy. C.R.A.F.T. (or Creating Really Awesome Fun Things) will show you how to make these legendary cookie creation.

Pouf Cushion

Pouf Cushion + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Your friends will definitely look for ways to sit on this super cute cushion. Who needs to spend on designer beanbags and poufs when you can make one? Better Homes and Gardens has the step by step instructions if you want to make one of these.

Animal Bookends

Animal Bookends + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

If you have plastic animals laying around the house, you can totally upcycle those into decorative bookends, just like the cute blue hippo on the picture above. I have a hunch that spray painting a toy animal gold will achieve a better effect. The instructions are found in Natalme.

Candles in Tins

Candles in Tins + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Looks beautiful! This will be a great gift idea from those who appreciate upcycled art. Instructions are found in Country Living Blog.

Kitchen Tablet Holder

Kitchen Tablet Holder + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

you can transform a really worn out chopping bard into a cool tablet holder! This project does not require hammer and nails, only wood glue. You can see the instructions at Mamie Jane’s Blog.

Painted Monogram Mugs

Monogram Mug + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Is your friend a coffee drinker? You can make them one of these monogram mugs. These sparkly looking monogram mugs look nice and the design won’t wash away, unlike other painted mugs. Glue to My Crafts blog has all the secrets on how to make the design permanent!

Picture Frame Lamps

Picture Frame Lamp + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

This is a great gift idea if you want to give away something very sentimental. This looks super nice and will touch the heart of the recipient. to make this, you can go to That’s What Che Said and check out how to make it!

Coffee Grounds Candle

Coffee Gounds Candle + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Do you love coffee? Do not throw away those sued grounds. Instead, you can turn them into this super aromatic candle. They are quite easy to make, just follow the instructions at Pop Sugar.

Stamped Washer Necklace

Stamped Washer Neckalace + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Upcycling washers like this is something worth mentioning. You can turn those rings of metal into very nice necklaces, by stamping them and marking them with a Sharpie. Instructions on how to make this potential friendship necklace is found on The 36th Avenue.

Reindeer Bottles

Reindeer Bottles + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Giving bottled beverages? You can give those boring bottles a Holiday dress-up. Just look at these reindeer bottles. Aren’t they cute? The idea came from Life of a Modern Mom.

Heating Pad

Heating Pad + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

The cold winter months can really take a toll on someone’s body. This reusable DIY heating pad can help ease body aches due to the cold, plus it looks so festive! Living on the Cheap has the step by step instructions on how to do this.

Terrarium Necklace

Terrarium Necklace + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

A cool eco gift idea for the green friend! If you make them this terrarium necklace, they can wear nature on their necks. Instructions are found on Ecouterre.

Alien Abduction Lamp

Alien Abduction Lamp + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

Oooh! This is a really good DIY craft for the nerd. This idea looks really nice and it will really spruce up a geek’s bedroom. Dollar Store Crafts has the step-by-step instructions.

Map Coasters

Map Coasters + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

This is a nice gift for geography teachers, cartographers to just about anyone who works with maps. You can check out The Country Chic Cottage for the how-to.

Book Safe

Book Safe + 49 More DIY Gift Ideas for Christmas

A book safe is a good gift wrap, as well as a good gift on itself. The recipient can put in their jewellery, money or gadgets inside and thieves will not suspect it one bit. The Art of Manliness has a step-by-step instruction on how to make a book safe.

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