Fun Dinosaur Gift Ideas for Dino Lovers!

Last updated on September 8th, 2017

Got a someone who loves dinosaurs so much? You should get them a dinosaur themed present! I have compiled a list of twelve dinosaur gift ideas for that dinosaur lovers you love. Rawr!

"Ask Me About My T-Rex" Shirt

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This is for the men who love dinosaurs. It says "Ask Me About My T-Rex" and on the inner side of the shirt is a T-Rex which you can show if you flip the shirt over your head. This will give the recipient lots and lots of fun when people literally ask him about his dinosaur. Children and women sizes are also available.

Dinosaur Shell Backpack

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For the little children who want to look like Bowser when they walk to and from school. This is roomy enough to be able to store books and notebooks, even diapers and baby supplies for vacations. Colorful and cute dinosaur gift ideas!

Dinosaur Excavation Game

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A little game for children who want to become an archaeologist who wants to unearth a whole dinosaur skeleton. This game also includes different dinosaur trivia, so it is quite an educational game, too!

Dinosaur Coin Bank

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want to teach a kid how to save those little pennies for a bigger purchase? Then get them this dinosaur coin bank. It is cute on the way it looks up, it is like saying "feed me your coins!". This little green dinosaur will be a kid's favorite saving companion. So cute!

Tea Rex Shirt

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Got a dinosaur lover who also likes puns? You can hit two interests with this Tea Rex shirt. The print on this shirt is a gentleman Rex (just look at the monocle, bowler hat and the mustache) holding a cuppa tea. Maybe he is not snarling... maybe he is asking someone if they want a spot of tea. Anyway, this is a really comfy shirt for the guy who likes to wear comfy things.

Dinosaur Claws Plush Slippers

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For those who like to pretend they are a were-dino who accidentally transformed during a quarter moon! Well, kidding aside, this really cute slippers are perfect for someone who likes dinos and to wear something really comfy while lounging at home. This is a great dinosaur gift idea for a boyfriend or a girlfriend for those lazy weekends.

"Nessie" Lochness Monster Laddle

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Is the Lochness monster a dinosaur? I don't know, but this Nessie ladle sure looks one. And a really cute dinosaur, too. The Nessie Ladle stands up on its own, so it looks like the little critter is swimming in your soup when you leave it to simmer or to cool down! Put some cute in the kitchen with this colorful cooking tool.

Dinosaur Pasta Server

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After cooking your pasta using Nessie above, you can use her best friend, this Dinosaur pasta server. This is a perfect kitchen tool for someone who likes to bring their inner childhood to the dining table. Also a nice tool to use when serving pasta during a children's party. Rawr!

Dinosaur Fossil Statue

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Because stealing that real dinosaur fossil from the local museum is illegal and it is quite impractical to store a humongous dinosaur skull on your desk, just settle for this small replica: a dinosaur skull mounted on a nicely finished wooden base. Perfect for sophisticated offices, just like yours.

Whole Velociraptor Skeleton Building Kit

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For those who do not want just a head of a dinosaur fossil. Perfect for building your very own dinosaur museum!

Dinosaur Pajama Costume

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Cute and comfy! For people who love to sleep wearing super soft PJ's. Also makes a nice cosplay costume, don't you think?

REAL Dinosaur Teeth

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Yep, you read that right. This is the ultimate gift idea for dinosaur geeks. These are REAL dinosaur teeth and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Surprisingly, these are affordable. Around 95 million years old. Super cool.

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