15th Year: Crystal Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Last updated on November 16th, 2018

Fifteen years already? Congratulations! Tradition calls for getting your spouse a themed gift. The theme for the fifteenth year is crystal.

Are you the wife? Are you looking for crystal wedding gifts for him, your husband? This list is a compilation of crystal presents that a man might like.

This is divided into useful, romantic and fun crystal presents. Also, take note that this list is intended to create ideas for stuff to be given to a man. If you are the husband, you can check out this list for your woman.

Useful Crystal Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

The guys do love receiving gifts that are practical and he can use every day. Here are some useful crystal gifts you can give your husband on your 15th wedding anniversary:

Crystal cuff link. Your man will look sharper wearing these!

1. A pair of crystal cuff links will spruce up his dressy attire and make him look sharp to close that high end deal.

2. A black crystal ring will make him feel badass like a mafian capo. Get him one!

3. For something to display and use at his office, you can get him a himalayan crystal salt lamp. It purifies the air and it smells fresh, too!

4. A crystal chakra pyramid. It looks very decorative and it emits powerful, positive energy for healing, balance, focus and protection. Even if your hubby does not believe in chakra, it won’t hurt because it looks nice and can double as a cool looking paperweight!

Crystal baseball paperweight

5. A crystal baseball paperweight. Especially nice if your man is a baseball fan.

6. Not a fan of baseball? How about football? Here’s a crystal football paperweight.

7. Not a fan of football? Soccer! Check out this crystal soccer paperweight!

8. You can also take a look at this crystal tennis paperweight.

9. Or, this basketball crystal paperweight.

(That is a lot of sports-themed crystal paperweight!)

Romantic Crystal Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Some men, though, will love to receive romantic gifts too. Here are some ideas:

Crystal heart paperweight

10. You can get your man a crystal heart paperweight. I produces an eyeful of colors!

11. Or a crystal picture frame. Put your happiest couple picture in it!

12. 3D laser engraved crystal picture of both of you. This gift idea looks amazing!

13. A crystal heart plaque with your sweet message for your husband is also a nice thing to look at.

14. These pair of yin-yang crystal necklaces. These look very gender neutral, I promise!

Fun Crystal Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

How about some gifts he will enjoy or feel excited at? Here are some ideas:

Jupiter spinning globe

15. A crystal Jupiter globe. This is for the space geek. It just looks so beautiful! It even rotates on its own! Magic!

16. For your science nerd husband, you can get him a crystal growing kit!

17. Booze means celebrations! Get him champagne and crystal champagne flutes.

18. You can also get him a crystal icicle wine chiller! Something to chill his beer!

19. Throw in a crystal wine aerator too. For that delicious glass of wine.

A set of crystal decanter and crystal glasses!

20. You can also get him a crystal wine decanter, for his bourbon, brandy or rum.

21. This skull crystal shot glass will make him feel like Dracula drinking your virgin blood from a shotglass!

22. Is your man an anime otaku? These Dragonballs might not grant him a wish, but they look so cool!

23. Euler’s disk. This spins like crazy!

24. Is your man a Star Wars buff? You can get him a Jedi class ring. Super cool.


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One thought on “15th Year: Crystal Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

  • January 7, 2018 at 10:48 am

    We have an anniversary sundial that my husband got me, it is made of crystal glass and sits indoors on the window sill and makes rainbows in the room when the sun shines. Its a great anniversary gift because it is a cool clock that uses the sun to tell the time, but the coolest thing is that we added a special date line that the time shadow follows every year on our anniversary. Its a great last minute gift because they have gift certificates, thats what my husband gave me and it let us work on the project together, deciding which room to put it in and what it should say for the inscription – it was handmade just for us and for our specific window. I thought it was a wonderful gift, and I think of him every time I see the rainbows on the floor in our family room. I don’t remember what its called exactly but you can probably find it online with a search for anniversary sundial or rainbow sundial. Check it out, because I’ll bet you can get the certificate the same day you order it…and with something like this, he’ll likely not forget your anniversary because he’ll be reminded by his anniversary sundial!


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