Unique, Cool Laundry Hampers To Encourage a Cleaner Room!

Last updated on March 28th, 2018

Is your room always littered with dirty clothes? Well, you might get motivated to throw those laundry in the right bin with some geeky, but cool laundry hampers! Get one from our list and you will see your room transform from a big mess to a clean, comfortable den.

Chinese Takeout Box

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Well, look at this cool laundry hamper! Who would have thought that something little box of goodies can be an inspiring in for your dirty clothes? It also has a string that you can hook onto your shoulders as you walk to the laundromat. People will be looking at you in amazement as you lug a big box of Chinese food around... ooops, it is just dirty clothes!

Star Wars R2D2

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Fans of Star Wars and Artoo will love this! The cute bot now can gobble up your soiled clothes and keep your room clean while you geek out at a Star Wars marathon in your room! R2D2 is a Droid, so he won't be bothered if you ahve some smelly socks in there. Welcome to the dark side, underwear!

Gameboy (Laundryboy)

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Oh wow! A huge Gameboy to put my laundry in? Count me in, guys! It is going to be a great addition to a video game inspired room. Most video gamers have this thing with the laundry all over the floor. Maybe this Gameboy laundry hamper will change that!

Punching Bag Laundry Bag

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For the boxing aficionados out there, we have this unique laundry bag: it is in the shape of a punching bag, but it has a zipper to contain all the laundry baskets! Now you can stuff it with your clothes then practice boxing. Your room is clean, you get fitter! How cool is that? It also looks cool as you carry it to the laundromat, making you look like a prizefighter.

Basketball Laundry Hoop

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How to encourage a basketball fan to keep his dirty clothes in one place? By putting the Hamper Hoop up behind his door! It has a basketball hoop that goes directly above an open laundry hamper to catch the dirty clothes that go in! This is an awesome and unique laundry basket for a child's room. Or a child-at-heart's room.

Elephant Laundry Bin

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For the person who loves animals, or elephants, to be specific, you can get this elephant laundry basket. This is also a nice eco chic gift because it is made of water hyacinth. It is large and can contain a lot of dirty clothes! Too cute!

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