Clean and Wholesome Birthday Party Games for Adults

When we talk of adults gathering for a celebration, a few notable things come to mind: booze, wild party, and adult-themed games that borders on sexuality. You might be a party animal yourself to know this for a fact or simply an avid fan of Hollywood movies which typically depicts its reality. But whether we hate to admit it, there really are some occasions where restraint may not even be a theme.

Yet, while that is true, it does not also mean that there is not any clean and wholesome party game out there, especially during a birthday celebration. As were in the days when modesty was still considered cool, there still remains activities that are so immaculate and upright, you would literally feel like a juvenile again to participate in, replete with childish glee.

You may or may not be aware of these games. But as a refresher or as a fresh teaching, allow us to lay out the list of some of the best clean and wholesome birthday party games aimed for adults:

1. Blind Man Walking

The Blind Man Walking is a fun game in that it engages not only the main participant of the event but also the rest of the people in the party.

How the game works is pretty simple: Have the main player blindfolded he could literally not see anything around him. But with the crowd as his guide, he must pop as many balloons possible using a pointy pin handed to him, all while not being able to see.

But that was only an oversimplification of the game’s mechanics. Adding complexity to the game, the main player must first be spun around three times—so as to shake his awareness of the place from where he originally stood—and then have the crowd direct him to areas where the balloons must be popped.

The winner of the event is that one person who burst the most number of balloons within the allotted time period of just 2 minutes.

2. Funny Business

Of all the many possible adult-oriented clean party games out there, none other gives the power of affecting others than this particular game we’d call “Funny Business.”

Essentially, this is how the game works: Each participant is given the choice to write out a list of tasks—maximum of three for each—which they would like other participants in the game to perform. The task can be anything which can border around the grounds of outrageousness, crazy, or simply nothing out of the ordinary.

But as a pre-requisite, the game involves a hat, some slips of papers, pens, an empty glass and a wine.

With everything already settled, the participants must surrender the paper which they’ve written with as placed in the hat to be mixed and jumbled.

Taking one turn at a time, each participant is instructed to take a sip from the glass of wine, then randomly pull a task from a hat. But here’s goes the exciting part: the participant must enact whatever is instructed in the paper while leaving the rest to figure out what that is.

Some tasks are easy enough to do. But sometimes, the wilder the imagination of the person behind the paper, the harder for a task to do and subsequently more difficult it is for others to identify what the act is about.

3. Man vs. Monkey vs. Woman

Basically, this game is rock/paper/scissors, only on a bigger scale. Instead of using hand gestures, this particular game depicts movement attributed to either gender or the specie as a representation of either rock, paper, or scissor.

In this game, man is strong against monkey while monkey is strong against woman. But woman is strong against man. Man is exhibited by flexing a muscle—as in a bodybuilder—while monkey is displayed as one who eats bananas and the woman being a model in the catwalk.

Making two lines subdividing all the participants, players are pitted against each other—two battling players at a time—in a game to the tune of rock/paper/scissors by using body poses.

When the “Go!” signal is given, the first player strikes a pose while expecting the opposite player to himself act against the pose. Acting on similar poses should imply a draw while acting differently from one another suggests the defeat of one and the winning of the other.

But like much of the games of its kind, there could only be a single winner to this event and that is the person who remained undisputed all throughout.

Image credit: Split the Kipper of Flickr

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