Nine Classy Gifts Musicians Will Enjoy and Appreciate

Last updated on November 5th, 2018

Those who create music give us quite a huge gift of experience. They can turn sounds and words into beautiful melodies that is pleasing to the ears and fills the soul will emotions. If you have a friend who makes music, you can express your joy to their creativity with a simple gift. Here are some gifts for musicians. They will most certainly love to receive from any of these from you.

Guitar Pick Puncher

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The guitarist will definitely love getting this guitar pick maker. This is the perfect gift idea for the guitarist because most musicians are forgetful and will lose many small things, like his pick. The ability to create an endless supply of picks, as long as he has plastic cards to create these from is a tremendous help whenever he practices or is out on a gig. Well, not unless he loses the pick maker itself, then in that case, why not give him another one? This is a great gift idea for the bassist, too. Rock on!

Guitar Spatula

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Musicians can still rock while cooking at the kitchen! This super cool guitar spatula can withstand frying up to 500 degrees, so your musician can enjoy his pan-fried salmon without any taste of burnt guitar. Your musician can also make rockin’ eggs (sunny side up, please!), pancakes and bacon with finesse. This great not just for guitarists but also con come as a nice gift idea for record producers, singers or those who just love music.

Indie Rock Cookbook

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Who knows indie rock and cooking can create a great marriage? Lost in the Supermarket (yes, it was named after The Clash’s hit) is a fun cookbook that combines rock and cooking to create an entertaining instructional read. It does not only entertain, but the resulting dishes are phenomenal, ranging from cold coups to vegan recipes, there is a dish out there for any taste. The authors definitely have great taste in music and food, and this cookbook is a must-have gift idea for the musician.

Drumstick Pens

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The inconvenient part of being a musician is when an idea for a song pops into your head and you have nothing to write on. And do not tell us to punch that idea into the cellphone’s notepad. Too mainstream. Solution: a pen and small notepad. This pen does not only let you write stuff, but it also doubles and a set of small drumsticks! Now a drummer can write a song and create a beat wherever inspiration starts! This is the perfect gift idea for a drummer. Creates an instant conversation, too, don’t you think?

iTunes Gift Card

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This is probably the most practical in this list. Musicians spend a great deal of their time listening to musical influences, so why not make their learning process cheaper and buy them an iTunes gift card? The musician will thank you for it!

Vinyl Record Clock

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Older musicals fondly remember the age when vinyl records were at its peak, and vinyl collecting was the musician’s hobby, aside from making sweet music. Some might even have a collection somewhere! Make them happier by getting them this super cool vinyl record clock, which repurposes the old music medium into a time-telling device. This one used a record of The Beatles, one of the most common musical influences of musicians today. It will fit just fine into their living room, man cave, record room or even bedroom!

Playable Drum Set Shirt

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When a drummer feels like jamming and there is no two sticks to play with, this playable drum set shirt can come to the rescue! No, the shirt print out is not just a design, it is an electronic percussion instrument. Tap into the different parts of the drums and anyone can create a beat for instant jamming, anywhere. This is a great gift idea for drums and percussion enthusiast. This will be a hit with the ladies!

Guitar String Bracelet

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When music is in your soul, it reflects everywhere: on what you watch, your stuff, even what you wear. This recycled guitar string bracelet is a great gift idea for any musician, not just the guitar player. This piece of bracelet is unique but simple, stylish and yet classy. It fits any wrist size and any gender. A musician wearing this present from you should only look at his wrist to travel back in time with this piece of jewellery.

Music Sheet Coffee Mug

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Those who create melodies and lyrics always try to make their music late at night, so give them something good looking to put their coffee into. This music sheet mug is probably the best present for composers and lyricists because not only these look awesome, it can help them keep awake to create their obra maesta. Fuel the musician’s passion with caffeine, buy them this awesome mug!

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