10 Very Cute Cinderella Jewelry for Adults

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

“Have courage and be kind”, this is the line that was stuck in my brain when I watched the movie Cinderella. As we know, this Disney classic has been around for ages and the story was remade many times already in various languages as well. The story also depicts a rag to riches life that everyone loves. Although this story was set from long time ago, the jewelry used in the story is interesting and made some designers use it as inspiration. In line with this, we have gathered the top picks for the Cinderella jewelry for adults. Please see our list below for your perusal.

Swarovski Cinderella Set

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Glass slippers became a hit because of Cinderella. The sparkling glass slipper gave some jewelry designers the idea that sparkling crystals can make some fine jewelries be more stunning. This Swarovski Cinderella set is made from sparkling gem stones that is inspired by Cinderella’s glass slippers. This set comes with a pair of earrings and a necklace which both bears the Swarovski gem stones as the main accent. Your muse can be like a Disney princess in her own right as she wears this fabulous jewelry set for your date night!

Crystal Necklace

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As we know, the glass slipper is the main key that makes the Cinderella story one of a kind. Imagine being deprived of everything in life can turn your life around because of the magic glass slippers? Through this we have imagined our lives too but for now let us just settle with some sparkling jewelries to make our life a little fun, shall we? If you want to surprise your lady love on your special day then this Cinderella inspired piece of jewelry would certainly brighten up her day. This crystal necklace is inspired by the sparkling glass slippers of Cinderella and turned it into a fine piece of jewelry. This purple crystal necklace runs for up to 32 inches in length. This can be worn in almost any occasion that she prefers. Your woman can be a stunner as she wears this beautifully on her chest.

Cinderella Story Charms Necklace

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The Cinderella necklace pretty much sums up the Cinderella story. This necklace comes with various charms that have special parts in the story. This necklace has five charms that are as follows: the inspirational words, silver carriage, glass slippers, magic wand and the castle. This necklace is handmade and as you could see the details are phenomenal. Your lady love can wear this beautifully around her neck and be the light of the party. As this is a Cinderella jewelry for adults, this sure is one of a conversation starter.

Glass Slipper Charm Necklace

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The crystal charm necklace is a simple yet alluring necklace with Cinderella charm. The glass slipper from the story is the main accent of this jewelry and sitting beside it is a crystal charm like a diamond that sparkles beautifully. This necklace comes in a silver chain which is up to 18 inches long. This is perfect for that black dress that she wears on your cocktail parties or even on her daily clothes.

Art Nouveau Cinderella Necklace

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Aside from Cinderella, one of the characters that caught our attention is the fairy godmother. She is charming, jolly and entertaining that’s why she has become a well-loved character from the story as well. This necklace is made from antique alloy with a pendant that bears art nouveau which features the fairy godmother with Cinderella before she transforms. This make over scene is one of my favorite part of the story and for sure like any girl this may be your girl’s favorite too. This necklace can be worn in any occasion as it bears an antique touch that can be worn on any wardrobe too.

Satin Choker Necklace

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We remember Cinderella after her make over, she transformed into an elegant looking young lady with simple accessories worn. As I can vividly remember, she was wearing a satin choker on her neck. This satin choker necklace came to life through this necklace. Make your muse feel like Cinderella as she wears this satin choker necklace. This necklace is 7/8 inch wide and runs for up to 12 inches long. She can wear this beautifully as she pulls her hair up or in a high bun.

Stilleto Heels Charm Bead

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Pandora charms are taking its popularity nowadays and if you have a lady who is going gaga over this as well but would love to have a Cinderella inspired charm then this would be perfect for her. This stiletto heels charm is a beautiful rendition of Cinderella’s glass slipper. Imagine, she found her true love through this slipper and this would mean a great thing for her more like a lucky charm as well!

Pumpkin Carriage Charm Bead

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One of the highlights of the Cinderella story is when the fairy god mother transformed the materials that Cinderella has into something great. One perfect example of which is the pumpkin that turned into a beautiful and elegant carriage. This carriage charm bead can remind your lady love of the Cinderella make over and be astonished as she puts this in her Pandora bracelet altogether with her other collections of charms.

Glass Slipper Earrings

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The pair of glass slippers of Cinderella gave her the ticket to find her true love. And this magical moment can be relived all over again through this charming pair of glass slipper earrings. You can gift the magic to your muse by giving her this shining and stunning pair of glass slipper earrings. She can wear this on any occasion she entails and for sure she would shine and be more glamorous than ever! This pair of earrings has 8 mm crystals and the glass slippers are designed to dangle on her ears. This pair of earrings is best worn while her hair is neatly tied or is fixed on a high bun.

Cinderella Charm Bracelet

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If you have a lady that is a big fan of charm bracelets then this Cinderella charm bracelet would be a perfect gift for her. This charm bracelet comes with the complete memorabilia of the Cinderella story. The glass slipper, magic wand, carriage, castle and even the clock with 12 mn as time is present on this charm bracelet. She can relive the Cinderella story all over again through this one of a kind charm bracelet. This bracelet is made from antique silver and the charms are designed beautifully by hands. The chain of this bracelet runs for up to 8.5 inches long. She can wear this on a daily basis and be a stunner all the time! This is the most beautiful of all the Cinderella jewelry for adults in this list.

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