Top 9 Most Beautiful Caribbean Jewelry

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

Life’s a beach, just like what they say because life can be as beautiful as a beach.  Imagine the beautiful sun rays, the sand and the water to swim at.  You can say to yourself that you can live in the beach forever if only you could!  The Caribbean island is one the beautiful islands in the world.  Actually, whenever I hear the word Caribbean, the first thing that comes to my mind is Johnny Depp’s movie.  Just like the beauty of the Caribbean islands, you can enjoy this remarkable beauty in jewelries.  If you are looking for the perfect pair of sparkling earrings, necklace or any Caribbean jewelry then you need to check out our top finds below for your reference.

Larimar Necklace

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Larimar is an authentic gemstone found in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. The Larimar stone is more intense if the grade is higher just like in this larimar necklace. The beautiful blue gemstone is like a remembrance of the charming sky at the Carribean islands as well. This necklace is made from 14K gold fill and sterling silver. The larimar necklace can be worn in almost any occasion it entails. The tear drop shape of this Caribbean jewelry astounding and makes it look dramatic. The necklace chain runs up to 18 inches in lobster claw clasp for easy opening and secured grip.

Aztec Skull Necklace

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When you hear the word Caribbean, to be honest the first thing that pops into our mind is the movie of Johnny Depp entitled The Pirates of the Caribbean. And because of this movie, you can see how hot and charming pirates can be. And with that, if your lady love is a big fan of Johnny Depp’s movie as well then this Aztec skull necklace would amaze her. This Caribbean jewelry is handmade and the material is alloy. The necklace chain can run up to 40mm and you can customize it as you please.

Carribean Lace Earrings

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Sophisticated is one of the best qualities that you can utter when you talk about the woman of your life. If you want to add more sophistication in her accessories and jewelries then this pair of Carribean lace earrings would do the trick. This lace earrings is breathe taking as it screams elegance and beauty especially when worn. The Carribean blue color makes it astonishing and refreshing to look at. Let this 16 mm dangling earrings grace the lovely ears of your lady on your cocktail party or date night.

Carribean Quartz Earrings

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The alluring Carribean quartz earrings is made from sterling silver which showcases rectangular quartz stones that are greatly inspired from the beauty of the Caribbean water. This pair of earrings is polished in silver color to complement the shade of the stone. The lever back clasp of this pair of earrings is ideal for energetic women who are on the go. She can wear this beautiful Carribean quartz earrings on formal wardrobe of even in sporty events since the lock is sturdy enough to keep it in place.

Plugs Earrings Studs

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A tough lady may want a different kind of jewelry since she is inclined to rough characters. If your lady is a toughie and is into ear plugs but is too scared to try then this plugs earrings studs would be perfect for her. The plugs earrings studs is greatly inspired by Jack Sparrow’s Caribbean quest as it bears the pirate’s sign as the trademark design. This pair of earrings create an impression of having ear plugs when worn.

Bright Caribbean Doodle Art Earrings

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You lady love is one of a kind and for you she is one in a million. You feel lucky to have her and you know that just like her she deserves an interesting and unique piece of jewelry which is Carribean inspired. This bright Caribbean doodle art earrings is an interesting jewelry that captures the art of the Caribean. The doodle art is engrossed on black pair of earrings which makes the Caribbean art be more emphasized. This Carribean jewelry is handmade and well crafted. This pair of earrings is made from hypoallergenic materials that makes any sensitive lady be carefree and worry free to wear it.

Parrot Earrings

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The Caribbean beach would not be complete without the beautiful birds and trees that are on it. This pair of earrings captures the beauty of the surroundings at the Caribbean. The parrot snack earrings has an interesting and colorful design that makes the wearer feel like being in the Caribbean islands immediately. This pair of earrings is 2.75 inches long and 0.75 inches wide which makes it just right for your woman’s lovely ears. This fabulous design is made by Zander Elliot and is proudly made in the USA.

Caribbean Pirate Anchor Charm

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To add more Caribean feeling to your lady’s jewelry, you need to give her this Caribbean pirate anchor charm. This charm is made from bronze material which gives it a more rustic look. She can easily add this charm to her bracelet as it has lobster clasp for easy attachment.

Treasure Chest Charm Necklace

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What would be the greatest quest of the pirates in the Caribbean seas? Well, you got it right! This treasure chest charm pretty sums up the Caribbean ensemble as it is the main goal of our dear pirates. This Caribbean jewelry comes in brass gold plated material which makes it shine even more.

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