5 Burlap Wrapping Ideas for that Stunning Rustic Charm

I once thought that burlap is only fit to be used for sacks of potatoes, but after seeing gift wrapping ideas that make use of the burlap fabric, my opinion changed. It is beautiful, saw raw, so rustic. If you are like me before, let me change your mind and behold these examples of stunning gift wrapping ideas using the lowly burlap.

Use a thin strip of burlap to wrap half of the gift

Five Stunning Ways to use Burlap for Wrapping Gifts

They got this really really good. This burlap wrapping idea uses just a strip of burlap to wrap just the middle half of the gift, making it a nice accent before the ribbon or topper. Lucy at Craftberry Bush got this beautifully with the wreath accent. i think you can also use other toppers like a piece of leaf or flower, a feather, even mistletoe and bells. Super nice.

You can also use burlap as a gift bag

Five Stunning Ways to use Burlap for Wrapping Gifts 2

For me, a gift bag made of burlap just screams, FOOD GIFT! I would open this immediately if I were given a beautiful sack like this one. Who knows what deliciousness lurks inside.

Anyway, since you can buy burlap pouches, you can just accent the pouch with berries, pine cones or flowers. The stunning gift bag in the picture was crafted by maria of A Homemade Living. That is one talented woman!

You can also use burlap as the ribbon to tie your gift

Five Stunning Ways to use Burlap for Wrapping Gifts 3

This looks amazing, right? Instead of colorful ribbons, cut a thing strip of burlap and use that to tie your gift! The result looks nice… in fact, it looks to nice that you would not want to open the gift itself! Well, not unless you took at least ten pictures. Aesthetic Nest made the burlap wrapped gift above and it looks gorgeous.

How about a burlap gift topper?

This one need a wee bit more effort to make, but after you are done, you can use the resulting gift topper to accent any type of gift wrapping, as long as the color combination permits. Earthy colors like a lighter brown, white or light red are a good color choice.

Use a square piece of burlap to wrap something small like a bag

Five Stunning Ways to use Burlap for Wrapping Gifts 5

This looks too cute! Just take a large square piece of burlap, put your gift on the center, then wrap it like how a Kiss (yes the chocolate) is wrapped. Finish with a bow. Great idea from Ava and Mia.

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