Hilarious But Useful White Elephant Gifts [Part 1: Books]

Last updated on November 5th, 2015

So! You are going to play a white elephant gift exchange? Take a look at my ideas. (But first, you should know how to play it, eh?)

These white elephant gift ideas are a) funny but b) something you can use. That means goodbye to fake outs and useless gifts. Think white elephant gifts that are funny, yet people will keep stealing. This is my idea of what a good white elephant gift is. This article discusses 10 funny book white elephant gifts. Included are funny cook books, coffee table books and “self help” books.

Funny Coffee Table Books

Good for laugh or two while waiting for someone or just lounging in the living room while sipping tea.

Extraordinary Chickens

Extra Ordinary Chickens + More Book White Elephant Gift Ideas

So entertaining. Those who love cocks (the avian variety) will love this book! This features unusual looking chicken at are marvelous and hilarious at the same time. Think Lady Gaga of the poultry world. (On a side note, I think that is Bob Marley’s Chicken.) Store Link

Wet Dog

Wet Dogs + More Book White Elephant Gift Ideas

If you do not like giving away cocks, you might want to give away bitches (the female canine variety). this is a really charming, cute and funny pictures of fluffy dogs suddenly shrinking in size after getting wet. this actually reminds me of my Shih Tzu and Pomeranian. Also makes a great gift for dog lovers. Store Link

F in Exams

F in Exams + More Book White Elephant Gift Ideas

In high school, have you ever tried to get points from an exam question that you have no idea about? The pages of these books have done that in the most creative and hilarious ways. Some failed to get a few points, some got a little for humor. You get to see those in this coffee table book. Store Link

Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos + More Book White Elephant Gift Ideas

Photos of families in the most hawkward ways possible. This book makes you thankful you have your dysfunctional family. Store Link

All My Friends Are Dead

All My Friends Are Dead More Funny Books as White Elephant Gifts

This is a funny book about things being lonely because their friends have perished one way or another. It is written and styled like children’s book, for clean adult humor. Store Link

Funny Cook Books

Funny book white elephant gifts that teaches how to cook… or tries to.

Fifty Shades of Chicken

Fifty Shades of Chicken + More Book White Elephant Gift Ideas

Lets you cook your poultry BDSM style… not really, but the names of the recipes have this sexual feel, the chicken might feel violated while being cooked. Prepare the kitchen, Ms. Ana Steele. Store Link

What the F*** Should I Make for Dinner?

Effing Book White Elephant Gifts

What the F Should I Cook for Dinner + More Book White Elephant Gift Ideas

This cook book is hilariously vulgar! This recipe book contains fifty recipes in humorous, vulgar manner. This is the closest to having a pirate chef. Store Link

Cooking Comically

Cooking Comically + More Book White Elephant Gift Ideas

Simple cook book for those who are just starting out in the kitchen (like my wife) and likes comic (like my wife) and like simple dishes (like my wife). Maybe I should get this one for my wife too. Store Link

“Self Help” Books

Self help books that don’t really help you. Oh wait… they do help you laugh.

Just Stop Having Problems, Stupid!

Stop having Problems Aready Stupid + More Book White Elephant Gift Ideas

Instantly takes care of all your problems… like a smoking pot but with less legal consequences. Store Link


Selp-Helf + More Funny Book as White Elephant Gifts

You did not notice the spelling mistake, eh? Look again. It is called Selp-Helf, which is a book chock full of useless information by YouTube celebrity Miranda Sings. Miranda is an expert in getting a boyfriend, dressing up for a date and of course, performing magic. Store Link

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