Top 10 Loveliest Bombay Fashion Jewelry

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

Indian women are known to have the distinct round eyes and remarkable facial features.  To add some dazzling touch to their wardrobe, jewelries are added and are usually worn especially during special occasions such as weddings.  We are aware that Indians are elaborate on their accessories as we see in some Bollywood films.  If you want something different to give to your lady love and you are looking for some Bombay fashion jewelry then you are on the right track.  We have narrowed down the perfect Bombay fashion jewelry for the special lady in your life.  Check out our top picks on the list provided below for your reference.

Sapphire Gin Hoop Earrings

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Is your lady love fond of hoop earrings? We have found a cool looking of Bombay fashion jewelry that looks fabulous especially during party nights! The sapphire gin hoop earrings are handmade from the round bottleneck part of Bombay Sapphire gin bottles. These pair of earrings are not only good looking but they are also environment friendly. This pair of earrings has a frosted finish which makes it more sparkling and elegant looking when worn. The base of the earrings is metal and lever back.

Aqua Glass Pendant

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The aqua glass pendant is an interesting Bombay fashion jewelry that is made from recycled Bombay sapphire bottles that are cleaned and cut intricately in approximately half inch ide by one and half inch long sizes. The aqua glass pendants are suspended in a gold filled satellite chain of eighteen inches. The aqua glass pendant necklace is an eye stunning accessory that can be worn in any occasion that your lady love would prefer. This Bombay fashion jewelry is handcrafted to perfection and you are assured that it would make your woman shine and bloom even more.

Teardrop Geode Necklace

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Interesting is one of the qualities that you can utter when you see Bombay fashion jewelries. For instance this teardrop geode necklace is such an interesting looking piece of jewelry because of its aesthetic appeal in general. What makes it more interesting is that it is made from various recycled glass bottles such as vodka, Bombay gin and coke. The design is inspired by Long Island iced tea recipe which makes the three fused glass look like a one of a kind gemstone enclosed in copper frame. The glass on the pendant varies from 1.25 inch to 1.75 inches while the copper chain is up to 30 inches long.

Bollywood Indian Jewelry

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Lavish and detailed, these are what Bollywood actresses wear on their films whenever we see the ladies on their movies or even on print ads. If your lady love is into lavish and detailed jewelry sets such as this Bombay fashion jewelry set then this Bollywood Indian jewelry would certainly wow her and sweep her off her feet. The fine details and intricate design on this statement necklace is so refined that this necklace would certainly stun anyone who would see it. This Bollywood Indian Jewelry set is handmade from India so you are assured of its authenticity of style and materials. The earrings are three inches dangling and are made from vintage oxidized metal with fine copper cuttings. The necklace is twenty inches long and the pendant is five inches and half broad that dangles to mid-point of the wearer.

Tikka Joomer Jewelry Set

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For your wedding anniversary, let your lady love feel like a bride again but this time in Bollywood style by gifting her this Tikka Joomer jewelry set. The Tikka Joomer jewelry set is a lavish jewelry set that is handmade to perfection and designed like what do Indian brides wear during their wedding day. The chain is made of pearls which makes it look sophisticated and elegant when worn. Your lady love would certainly be a stunner and an eye candy when she comes out with this beautiful accessory on her.

Elegant Diamante Jewelry Set

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Diamonds are said to be girls’ best friend but as we know it, it costs a fortune to have a diamond. If you want your lady to have a dashing touch of diamond in her wardrobe without costing you an arm and a leg then this elegant diamante jewelry set from the Bombay fashion jewelry collection should do the trick. This elegant looking jewelry set would bring the extra sparkle to the love of your life. She would look even more dazzling and stunning as ever when she gets to wear this elegant diamante jewelry set on her cocktail dress for your dinner party or your anniversary. This elegant diamante jewelry set is made from top quality stones that highly resembles diamonds with a rich gold plated base that looks remarkable when worn. The pair of earrings is up to 85 mm long which makes it eye catchy and sophisticated as it rests on her beautiful ears especially when she puts her hair up.

Pair of Bollywood Earrings

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Earrings may usually come in dangling, buttons, pearls or hoops and your lady love might get tired of all these options. If she is looking for something unique and interesting then you can surprise her with this pair of Bollywood earrings. This pair of Bollywood earrings is a one of a kind design that is usually seen in Bombay fashion especially in Bollywood. You can see that this earring runs from the edge of the ear up to the ear lobe. She would certainly be astonished with the one of a kind design that this pair of earrings is made of. You need not to worry because the ear cuff wrap does not require piercings. This is handmade and is decorated delicately by using the finest gemstones together as it is wrapped in solid golden bronze wire.

Ethnic Anklet

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Accessories have been part of the Indian fashion, the more accessories the woman has the more beautiful she looks like. Even the ankle is not missed and if the love of your life is also fond of accessorizing her ankle then this ethnic anklet would be a great gift idea for her. Bombay fashion jewelry such as this anklet makes the wardrobe of an Indian lady look more eye catchy. As we could see in Bollywood films, dancers are gracefully showcasing their moves with every beat. The jewelries on their body moves as they sway which makes them look even more dashing as ever. On the other hand, this ethnic anklet is not as extravagantly looking as the Indian dancer’s but it is equally beautiful. This ethnic anklet is minimally designed with tourmaline, gemstones, seed beads in brass and nickel free metal.

West Indian Bangle

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West Indian bangle is originally made through the unison of African and East Indian designs. This piece of jewelry usually comes in pair for man and woman. This bangle are often given by the ancestors to their children to remind them of their heritage. If you want to surprise your lady love with some piece of Indian jewelry with a meaningful background and interesting then this West Indian bangle is perfect for her. The West Indian bangle is hand made with a one of a kind diamante pattern with heads to represent cocoa pods. The bangle is made from 0.925 sterling silver.

Waist Jewelry

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Belly dancing is known for its gracefulness and for the toning benefits for the body. If your lady love is a big fan of belly dancing then this waist jewelry would be perfect for her. Bombay fashion jewelry would not be complete without having a waist jewelry as finale. As we could see in Bollywood films, the Indian ladies are dancing beautifully complete with their lavish dress and jewelries as accessories. The belly dancing part would not be as interesting without the waist jewelry on their body. Every move of their hips is featured through the help of the waist jewelry. Your woman would certainly be pleased to have her very own waist jewelry. This waist jewelry is made from oxidized alloy and metals which comes in silver toned oxidized color. The size of this waist jewelry fits all so you are assured that it would fit perfectly on her!

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