The Most Gorgeous Bijou Jewelry for Women

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

Sophistication can be achieved from putting on the right clothes and accessories together.  No wonder jewelries have been the popular accessory of choice of most women, because as we know jewelries do add some elegance to the wearer.  Bijou jewelry is an intricate piece of jewelry added into the wardrobe or just merely put on the body.  During the ancient times, Bijoux indicates group membership, religion, political allegiance and even the profession or one’s gender.  Just like for instance, a symbol of fish or also called Ichthys suggests that the wearer is a Christian.  If you are looking for the finest Bijou jewelry for your lady love, check out our top ten picks from Etsy on the list provided below.

Bijou Zircon Ring

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Bijou is usually given as a symbol of love and what would be the best jewelry to symbolize love? You go it right, the ring! This Bijou Zircon ring is a dashing eternity ring which is made of 18K rose gold. The bandwidth is just right for your lady love’s ring finger for it only measures 1.5mm. The gems on this ring is beautifully made of Zircon in tear drop settings. This timeless design is full of elegance that it brings the wearer instant sophistication when worn.

Bijou Druzy Ring

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Back in the old times, Bijou symbolizes emancipation of the lady who wears it. She wears a Bijou jewelry to inform her suitor that she is ready to love as long as she is wooed very well. If you have a lady whom you want to woe and surprise then this Bijou Druzy ring would certainly wow her as she sees it! This bijou druzy ring is elaborately designed with druzy gems that makes it even more eye catchy. The ring band is made of gold plated bras which makes it look majestic even more.

Bijou Crystal Pendant

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Let the love of your life sparkle even more when she wears this Bijou crystal pendant on your date night. This Bijou crystal pendant is a unique combination of Swarovski crystals that are handmade to perfection. This fine piece of Bijou jewelry is hand made from France. The finest details on this elegant Bijou jewelry is astonishing that it would certainly bring more beauty to the wearer.

Bijou Baroque Heart

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Nothing is sweeter than being held and cared for by the one you love. You may not be together all the time but you can give the symbol of your love to your woman by giving her this Bijou baroque heart necklace. This unique piece of Bijou jewelry is astounding as it looks. This handmade necklace is made to order and is certainly made only for you as you like it. This piece of Bijou baroque heart necklace is made in France. She can wear this necklace in almost any outfit she may wish to wear. You are assured that your love for your lady would always be remembered as she wears this beautiful Bijou baroque hear necklace close to her beating heart.

Pave Sapphire Disc Necklace

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Life is made of different colors and we choose the shade that we want to live. If you have a woman in your life with a colorful and bubbly personality then this pave sapphire disc necklace is the best gift idea for her. This Bijou necklace is made of pave sapphire disc embedded in sterling silver necklace. The wearer can certainly add accent to her dainty clothes by putting this stunning pave sapphire disc necklace on. The multi sapphire disc measures 20 mm while the necklace runs up to eighteen inches. This Bijou necklace is handmade and you are assured of the fine details that made it more beautiful! It comes in a gift box when delivered which makes it ready for gift giving anytime and anywhere.

Victorian Crystal Chandelier Earrings

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If your lady love is a Sia fan and still can’t get enough of Chandelier song then this Victorian Crystal Chandelier earrings would suit her well. Kidding aside, this one of a kind Bijou earrings made of faceted crystals and antique bronze would certainly make the love of your life stand out from the crowd. The sleek design makes it a universal pair of earrings that your lady can wear in any occasion. The antique brass gives this pair of earrings the added vintage look and sophistication that your woman deserves.

Classic Bijou Bracelet

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The classic bijou bracelet may look like an ordinary hair tie but this would be perfect for the minimalist lady who is not fond of having bangles with dangling designs. If she wants to keep it simple then the classic bijou suits her well. This classic bijou is made of stretchy elastic with a toggle clasp that looks like a layering bracelet when worn. Your lady love can also use it as a hair tie since it is made from elastic materials. This classic bijou can be stretched from six inches to twelve and half inches long. This comes in set of two bracelets one in cream and the other one is in black which makes it perfect in any color of dress that she may wear it with.

Panda, Bunny and Princess Bijou

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Age is just a number. If you have a young at heart lady love who is fond of cute designs in charms and accessories then the panda, bunny and princess bijou would certainly rock her world. This super cute bijou for her hair would add life to her crowning glory. This bijou jewelry can beautify her wrist and even her hair when worn as a hair tie since the bracelet is made from elastic materials.

Ballerina, Heart and Jewel Bijou Bracelet

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Ballerinas are elegant dancers that are certainly looked up to because of their grace and elegance. If you have a ballerina lady love or a wanna be ballerina then this bijou jewelry would certainly bring cheer to her heart. This elastic black bracelet with beautiful charms in the form of ballerina, heart and jewel would certainly beautify your lady’s wrist and even her hair when worn as a hair elastic. The bijou jewelries would certainly add some zest and sparkle to her hair and wrist when worn.

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