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Last updated on June 11th, 2018

Ethnic and colorful, these are the words that may come to mind whenever we talk about African jewelry.  African women are often seen with colorful accessories that accentuates their rich colored skin.  African jewelry indicates the person’s society class and power.  The materials used in African jewelry varies from glass, wood, ivory, bone, sea shells, gold and more.    African beads are widely used in clothing and regalia.  Often these beads are elements of African adornment.  The African beads and jewelry are being valued as an artistic masterpiece and even as currency in some tribes.  If you are looking for some fine looking and eye catchy African jewelry for your lady (or yourself, if you are a lady) then you need to stick around and see our rounded list below of the top finds under this category.

Hammered Brass Earrings

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Hammered brass earrings are perfect for making a fashion statement in a cocktail party or just when your lady feels like being a Mursi queen in an African tribe. This pair of hammered brass earrings may look huge but they are light when worn. This pair of earrings is made from brass and is polished and intricately cut by hand as inspired by the Mursi tribe style from Sudan in North Africa.

Ankara African Earrings

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If your lady love is looking or something ethnic or tribal for her ears then this pair of Anakara African earrings would be perfect for her. This pair of earrings is made from authentic Ankara was fabric of yellow, blue and maroon mix of colors. The pair of earrings is handmade and runs up to 4.25 inches long. This would be perfect for casual wear and would certainly ascent her ears beautifully.

Elakaka Beads Earrings

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Dinner or cocktail night outs would never be the same when you gift your woman this pair of Elakaka beads earrings. This pair of earrings comes in a fashionable tear drop design with colorful beads carefully patterned together. She can wear this in any occasion she would prefer. The earrings come in a dangling fashion and looks best when worn when her hair is pulled up in a bun or when securely tied using a pony tail.

Wood Dangle Earrings

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When your muse is looking for something rustic with an antique feel then this pair of Nefertiti dangle earrings would suit her well. This pair of earrings come with the design of an Ankh cross and Nefertiti’s head. The brass metal base makes it look elegant with a rustic glow. The earrings can dangle beautifully on her ears and runs up to two inches.

Spiky Triangle Charm

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Long necks call for elaborate necklaces and if the love of your life has one then this spiky triangle charm would be perfect for her. This choker necklace has the authentic African design that comes in a colorful pattern. This necklace is a mix of African beads and metal charms that certainly screams African with just a glance. She can beautifully carry this around her neck during your anniversary date night or even on her casual wear. This choker necklace runs with a width of more than an inch which makes it just right around her gorgeous neck.

Ethnic Collar Necklace

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A dull looking black dress would come out more fashionable when you gift this ethnic collar necklace to your muse. This necklace comes in an African design with metal beads put together in a choker necklace design. This necklace runs in almost four inches in width and height. The lavish look of this necklace would determine that the wearer comes from wealthy clan in the African tribe but when your lady wears this she would certainly look more elegant and sophisticated as always.

Rhinestone Bib Necklace

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If your lady love is a big fan of colorful rhinestones then this rhinestone bib necklace would be the perfect gift idea for her. This African inspired jewelry comes in a beautiful ensemble of gemstones and rhinestones. This would be perfect in almost any occasion she would feel like wearing it. This necklace would perfectly ascent her neck and bring out the wow in her ordinary dress.

Waist Beads

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Midribs and hanging shirts or even baby tees have come out once more and if your sexy lady is a huge follower of this trend then this waist beads would be a charming ascent to her wardrobe. This waist beads is often seen in African ladies in the tribe as it accentuates their waist and bring emphasize to their womanhood. This waist beads is made with a combination of shells, glass beads and crystal beads that are handmade and put together carefully. Small waist ladies would give justice to this waist beads and can give her extra edge in fluctuating her asset.

African Turquoise Beads

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Little miss handy girl prefers to make her own jewelries and accessories. If you have a girl who wants to make her very own African jewelries then you can gift her these authentic African Turquoise beads to complete her tools in making her perfect necklace. This beads are made from grade A natural stones which come in various sizes to choose from.

African Jewelry Set

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To surprise your fashionable woman completely in African style, you can give her this African jewelry set which is gorgeously handmade from authentic African wax fabric. This one of a kind African jewelry set comes with a necklace of 57 cm which can be extended for up to 8 cm more. The bracelet runs up to 19 cm while the earrings dangles on a straight line for up to 7 cm. African women usually wears this kind of jewelry set in their wedding because of the special beauty it adds to the wearer.

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