The Most Useful, Beautiful Baking Gifts for Moms

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018

Mom is indeed a supermom!  We are continuously thanking God for giving her to us.  She can cook us scrumptious food, bake delectable desserts and love and care for us unconditionally. A bouquet of flowers and chocolates are already overrated and if you want to give mom something that is useful and would answer her baking needs then check out our list below. We have prepared a wide selection of the best baking gifts for moms. She will rave at these!

101 Cookie Cutters Set

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Cookies are such delish treats. If you want to surprise your baking mom with unique cookie designs on Mother’s day then you need to check out these cool and various cookie cutters. An example is this 101 Cookie Cutters. You would never run out of cookies shape ideas with this 101 cookie cutter set. Mom’s baking delicious cookies as ever but sometimes it is quite boring to see the old traditional circle shaped cookies. It would be great to be unique and have different choices as always. With the given choices above, you would certainly have all sorts of shapes to choose from. The only tricky and challenging decision making skill would be to choose which one to go with. Mixing and matching would be fun for your baking mom and for her cookie patrons.

Stoneware Apple Baker

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as the saying goes. Mom may believe this saying that why; she is a big fan of apples. If mom is gaga over making baked apples but is not a fan of cleaning baking pans then this would come in handy.

Cake Molds

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Fun can always be added even in baking. Surprise mom on mother’s day with various and interesting cake mold ideas. From mini figurine style, flower shaped cakes and other out of this world cake shape ideas that she can use to bake her tasty cake.

Measuring Cups

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The optimum secret on how to make great and tasty desserts is to measure the exact ingredients and put them together accordingly. The baking mom who is a pro on this would be glad to receive eye catchy and one of a kind measuring cups on mother’s day.

Nesting Prep Bowls

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Baking takes a lot of preparations and that means tons of kitchen tools and baking materials. Gifting your baking mom a nesting prep bowl that can be stacked up together would come in handy and would certainly save much space in the kitchen. Nesting prep bowls are often used by bakers and gifting mom one on mother’s day would bring joy to her heart.

Dessert and Baking Salt

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The right type of salt is needed to have the perfect baked goodness. The baking mom is aware that not all salts would taste the same although we know it’s just plain salty, right? Anyway, your mom would know these because she is the pro in the kitchen. Check out our great finds in dessert and baking salts in the market.

Rotating Cake Stand

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Baking cake is already a piece of cake for mom but lacing it with icing and decorating it is still a tedious process. Help mom to save time by gifting her rotating cake stand. It makes her frosting, icing and decorating the cake easier and time saving. Instead of her going around the cake, the cake would rotate and she will remain stationary to make this baking process a less painstaking one.

Baking Queen Long Apron

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We all know that mom is amazing and for us she is the queen of our home. On mother’s day, let mom smile from ear to ear by gifting this baking queen long apron. The apron has a unique design which shows two thumbs up, gesturing the person who wears it which says: This is what an amazing baking queen looks like. Aprons are very useful in the kitchen since it helps them protect their outfit as they work their wonders in the kitchen.

Baking Set

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This bakeware set has the materials that our baking mom needs which would help her to make her baking easier. This set is dishwasher safe and non-stick for easy cleaning.

Decorated Rolling Pins

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Your baking mom may have tons of rolling pins in the kitchen but this one is different from what she has. This rolling pin set has engraved decorations that she can use to make her dough more interesting and beautiful. It comes in three mini rolling pins with different decoration each such as flowers, folk and vintage.

Chocolate, Desserts and Wine Tour

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Give mom some time to relax by gifting her a chocolates, desserts and wine tour. This would be relaxing for her than a day in the spa because baking is her outlet and tasting desserts made by others would be an added knowledge for her. This tour would certainly reset her stressful week and would open her eyes and add some culture to her life.

Chocolate Making Class

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Chocolate making class for two would be a great bonding experience for the two of you. We know that mom can make her own chocolates but an added input would not harm. Plus, this would be a remarkable mother’s day gift that you could give her since you would also be spending time with her throughout the day.

More Presents for Mommy?

Aside from these baking gifts for moms, you can also give her:

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