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Last updated on March 22nd, 2018

Have you picked a gift for your mom or a friend who is going back to work after her maternity leave or even after a long time?  For sure, she is having mixed emotions about getting back to work.  Getting back to her job or getting back on the business world after quite some time.

You can ease her nervousness by gifting her our top picks for back-to-work gifts for mom below. I assure you that these gift ideas are not only for Mother’s Day but can also be given in any occasion that would seem fit.  Check them out below for your reference:

Going Back to Work: A Survival Guide

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It is indeed a nerve wrecking experience to be back to work after giving birth or after taking some time off be a full time mom. Mom might be out of the radar on the work force and might need to get some reviews and survival guides to let her mind be clear and focused. This book entitled: Going back to work: a survival guide for the comeback moms is very helpful as it is jam packed with ideas, guidelines and tips on how to let mom be back at her feet. Taking some time off might let her hang lose a bit and be out of the zone but there is always some time and some top tips that she could use to help her get through this transition.

Digital Photo Frame

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She may want to stay longer and be with her child but mommy needs to work. You can cheer her up and let her see her baby and family on her desk through this 10 inch digital photo frame. Choose her favorite photos and let her day be filled with smiles every time she take a glimpse on this charming digital photo frame.

Nanny Cam

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A mom who just recuperated from her maternity leave and needs to return to work may still have some separation anxiety from her baby. She may have a nanny or a caregiver but she would always have her thoughts at home and would be wondering tons at times a day how her baby is. If you would like to ease up her burdens and anxiety you can gift her a nanny cam. This nanny cam is very minute which is as big as a quarter dollar only. She can place it anywhere in the baby’s room and she can monitor her baby right from her phone during her break time.

Portable Pump with Tote

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Lactating moms who go back to the work force have this common problem and that is their milk seeping out involuntarily. Let her ease her milking problems by letting her drain her milk through this portable pump set with tote. She can carry this around even as she goes to work and pump her milk during her break time. She can store her baby’s milk and have some reserves before she leaves her baby at home too. It would be a win-win situation for her and for her baby through this portable pump set.

Scented Candles

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It is indeed exhilarating for the going back to work mom to be in the work force again. Staying at home for quite some time while caring for her child would certainly make her anxious to be back on track again. Let her loosen up and relax in the office by lighting up these scented candles. Ensure to pick her favorite scent, it would be an added way to relax her as she works through the day.

Travel Mug

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Coffee junkie mommy would be thankful for this travel mug on mother’s day! She can enjoy her caffeine elixir even while in the car without being bothered of the spill. Her warm beverage would remain its hotness as the traffic jam gets terrible as she goes to work. She can even use this mug in the office and plug it on her computer to keep her beverage warm as she scroll down her paper works.

Supermom Mouse Pad

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Cheer her up with this animated super mom mouse pad. Let her get through the anxiety of being back to work by lightening up her mood as she sees the fun message on this mouse pad. The vivid colors are also pleasant and refreshing to the eyes and would certainly let her keep her composure during the tight work week.

"Diva" To-Do List Post-It Notes

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A going back to work mom may have a lot of things to do jumbled up on her head and she might be forgetful sometime. Let her not forget the important things to do on mother’s day or whenever by gifting her this simple surprise. Just as this post it says, a diva’s work is never done but only if she can’t remember. She can doodle her thoughts or her to do list and post them on her screen monitor or office table or whenever she would want to see her notes. A little reminder would go a long way and help her in getting through the transition stage of going back to work after giving birth or resting for some time at home.

Don't Panic - Dinner's in the Freezer

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Having the work life balance is one of the main struggle of a mom who is going back to work. She might forget how to make the perfect time management to keep her mom duties and work duties congruent and not overlapping. By gifting her this easy meal plan cookbook, you can let her prepare easy meals even as she has little time available. With 240 pages of various recipes, she could never ran out of ideas of what to feed to her family. Her mind might be occupied with work and this would help her get her mommy duties be back on track even the shortest time possible.

Sunday Brunch Cruise

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Make her look forward to her first day off after a long time by gifting her a Sunday brunch cruise. Eating a scrumptious meal with her hubby or with you on a Sunday as the waves cradle you would be a superb idea to celebrate! The panoramic view on the window of the cruise and the skyline during the day is such a unique and wonderful experience to look forward to after a long work week.

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