Animal Kitchen Gadgets to Make Your Counter Top Look Adorable

Last updated on May 23rd, 2018

To project a personality in your kitchen, the counter top should be the one making its statement.  It is like the luxurious bag that is carried by a woman, in which a character is projected as soon as she makes it as a part of her wardrobe.  So, what are you waiting for?  It is now the right time to plan for a personality for your kitchen.  Renovate, refresh and redesign.  For those who likes the animal themed counter top, the list below will be of great help.  Read below for our list of the cutest animal kitchen gadgets!

On the photo: Octojuicer, #2 in this list

Penguin Kitchen Timer

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Kitchen timers are basically a must-have for any kitchen. The precise and exact cooking time contributes to a very tasty cooking where the food’s texture and taste is perfectly just right. With the timer’s function, surely this kitchen gadget is stationed right on the kitchen countertop where it will be easily and readily available if the chef of the house needs it. This penguin kitchen timer on the other hand will be the perfect design to choose as it will compliment your animal theme kitchen.


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This novelty product is a perfect animal kitchen gadget to greet you every morning as you healthily start your day by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. This octopus inspired juicer will definitely load you up your daily dose of vitamin C. Ideal for fresh lemons, limes and oranges. Aside from the juice it can make, it can also make smoothies and even concoct regular marinades and flavouring for a tasty sauce, mixed drinks and cocktails as well. Its cute octopus design will definitely be highlighted in your kitchen countertop.

Galvanized Metal Elephant Shaped Napkin Holder

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A kitchen counter top without napkins is like telling a message that eating is not allowed here. For any households, napkin is a staple commodity and more often than that, this is usually the thing that is consumed first. Interestingly, for napkins to look clean, organize and easy to use, it should be placed on a nice looking holder. This metal shaped elephant design just fits in. This cute and functional kitchen tool will be an addition to the kitchen animal collection.

Dinosaur Soup Ladle

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When you see this product, it will roar loudly to you and surely, hours after it will land and stay in your kitchen. This cute and awesome dinosaur ladle when in use is definitely the fun in functional. For dinosaur lovers who loves to stay in the kitchen as well, this product is a great addition to your kitchen collection. This animal kitchen gadget will surely be a catchy décor on your countertop.

Mouse Yellow Storing Cheese Grater

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This is probably the cutest cheese grater that will stay long in your kitchen. Because of its mouse inspired design, this will not only be a come on to the oldies but most of all will inspire young minds to start their culinary skills as well. With this grater, kitchen helpers are about to unfold and the task of grating cheese and other soft fruits is considered done.

Bird Shape Fruit and Vegetable Salad Forks

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This bird shape fruit and vegetable forks is an eye candy to anyone who sees it. It will be a catchy kitchen decoration in the countertop if not in use. When in use, it will surely delight family and friends as they pick their vegetables, fruits, cakes, snacks, salads and appetizers. What is also so amusing to see is its holder that is shaped like a tree where the bird forks rests in its branches. This picture is surely very decorative in any kitchen counter.

Shark Bottle Opener

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This bottle opener will surely be a conversation starter to friends and family. If not in use, this is a great display in your countertops and will be an addition to other animal themed kitchen gadgets. Its handle is made of high density plastic for comfortable grip and its teeth is made of stainless steel. Perfect for everyday use and will be a great help to parties. This bottle opener is 8 inches long and is dishwasher safe.

Mini Stick Frying Pan – Animals and Shapes

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Frying pans are considered to be the kitchen accessory that usually stands out when the topic is about cooking or the culinary arts. If you are the kind of person who makes sure that every kitchen gadget in the countertops are making a statement, then this set of frying pans will be an asset to your collection. With its animals and shapes design, it will not only result to very nice food presentation, but it will serve its full function as an egg frying pan that will make your omelet’s and fried eggs enticing to eat.

White Dolphin Spray Fruit Fork Set

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This 16 pieces creative animal fruit forks is one whimsical kitchenware that will surely put a smile on your visitors as you serve your dessert, cocktails or fruits. If this is displayed, it will look like a décor that will complement your kitchen design. As an animal lover, this will complete your collection of land and water animals and turning your counter tops as vocabulary builders for little ones when it is time to eat. What an interesting and fun way to teach.

Novelty Cute Ladybug Toothbrush Holder

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This cute ladybug toothbrush and toothpaste holder is a cute sight to see in the walls of your kitchen sink. If you have an animal themed kitchen, this ladybug design will represent the insect realm. You can also make a lot of fun and order different colours and make it as a code to know the toothbrushes of each family members in the house. Moreover, this is also a multi-use storage for the kitchen, bathroom, mirror surface, refrigerator doors and even the car window. Just stick this gadget on smooth surfaces and your toothbrush, spin brush and comb will have an interesting place to stay.

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