Administrative Professional’s Day: The Holiday and Gift Ideas

Last updated on November 16th, 2020

“Always be nice to secretaries.  They are the real gatekeepers in the world” as told by Anthony J. D’Angelo.  The admin or the secretary is a real tough cookie to crack especially if you want to get in touch with the boss of the company.  If you have something really important and would badly need to have an appointment then you have to be extra nice to the admin of the company.  We do celebrate a special day just for them and that is called Administrative professional’s day.

When is it Celebrated? Every Last Wednesday of April

Gifting Level: 4/5

Origin of Administrative Professional’s Day

Way back the year 1952, the National Secretaries Association through Harry F. Klemfuss of Young and Rubicam, declared a special holiday for the secretaries and called it National Secretary’s day.  It was aimed to give importance and recognition to the valuable work of secretaries.  The name of the holiday was changed to Administrative Professional’s Day last 2000 to keep up with the frequently changing job role.

Fast Facts

  • In the US, around 8.9 million people work as administrative supports.
  • This holiday was originally designed to attract more employees to alleviate work shortage.
  • It is celebrated in the first Wednesday of September in South Africa but they have separate celebrations for receptionists and that is on the second Wednesday of May.
  • The third Wednesday of April is the celebrated date in New Zealand.
  • It is also celebrated in Malaysia and Hong Kong annually at the same time as in the US.

Top Events and Things to Do: Gift Ideas for Administrative Professional’s Day

  • Administrator Care Package

    You can always smile to the administrative professional that you have contact with but be more cheerful and respectful to them especially on this day.

  • Take your admin support out to lunch.
  • Give a funny card to lighten up the hectic day at the office. If you find gifting a humorous card offensive then just give your administrative professional a warm thank you note.
  • Surprises like fresh flowers, candies, snacks, care package, gourmet cookies are certainly to die for and any grumpy secretary would certainly have a mood shift once a gift surprise is received on this day.
  • You can also help your admin friend to expand the administrative capabilities that he or she has by attending a conference or seminar that you have sponsored.

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