50 Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars! (Part 2)

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

For those who are a little tight on cash and cannot be bothered with making DIY gifts, looking for much affordable and quality gifts should be a priority. This is especially important during the holidays, where most people have a list of friends and family that would like to receive a gift. Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year are a few of the holidays that fall into this category.

This is a list of the cheapest gift ideas found on Amazon. Note that I have included only ideas that I myself won’t mind giving someone I love. Also, these gift ideas are not only suitable for Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year’s Eve, but also on birthdays or pretty much any occasion that fits.

This is part two of the series of 50 under-five-bucks gifts, the part one is found here.

26. Corn Decobber

Corn Decobber + 49 More Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

(I actually do not know if ‘decobber’ is a a word, but you know what I mean!)

Perfect for those who love working on food in the kitchen. This makes removing the corn kernels from the cob easy and quick. Super good for making maize con hielo (a cold dessert treat) or side dishes, as well as baby food.

Amazon Link

27. Butterfly Bracelet Watch

Jewellery gift ideas under 5 dollars

Butterfly Bracelet Watch + 49 More Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

Who would have thought you can buy a nice watch for only two bucks? This watch looks super nice and a woman who loves fashion would really like this. This is a great “just because” gift for a girlfriend or a BFF. It also does not hurt that the item looks more than ten bucks.

Amazon Link

28. Butterfly Necklace

Butterfly Necklace + 49 More Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

Same reason for the item above. It looks nice and will delight any female who will receive this. Too cute with its bronze style plating.

Amazon Link

29. Moisturizing Milk and Honey

Moisturizing Milk and Honey + 49 More Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

Perfect for giving indulgence to a female friend. This product smells just delicious, but please, do not eat!

Amazon Link

30. Body Butter

Body Butter + 49 More Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

Another fruity beauty cream that will make your female friend smell nice, you can’t help but touch and smell her skin!

Amazon Link

31. Coffee Frother

Coffee Frother + 49 More Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

Coffee lovers unite! With more energy!

If your friend is like me who loves his coffee super frothy, then this coffee frother is a good bet. It basically is a coffee whisker that makes even plain coffee in warm water into froth, perfect for a low calorie snack. It can also froth milky sweet coffee for a indulgent treat or milk to make butter.

Amazon Link

32. Pill Ball Pens

Pill Ball Pens + 49 More Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

I like how cute these are! These are cutesy pills that stretch out to become pens. Decorative and useful. This is a perfectly inexpensive gift for preppy females.

Amazon Link

33. Bear Laundry bag

Bear Laundry Bag+ 49 More Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

Cute! If little children had these in their room, it will be ten times cleaner because the bear face on this laundry bag is just adorable. Also perfect for geeks.

Amazon Link

34. Prank Remote Control

Prank Remote Control+ 49 More Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

Perfect for pranksters, this is a small universal remote control he can set up and use when someone else is watching TV to make it look haunted.

Amazon Link

35. Pocket Screwdriver

Pocket Screw Driver + 49 More Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

The man of the house is also the aspiring (or professional) Mr. Fix-It, so give your McGyver a pocket tool he can use when fixing stuff. Something like this pocket screwdrivers set! Who know, he might be able to create a time machine using this gift from you!

Amazon Link

36. Banana Slicer

Banana Slicer + 49 More Chea Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

For the lazy folks who want their bananas in pieces, this is the gift you should give. This banana slier not only slices banana but other fruits too. I figure you can also slice hotdogs and sausages with this cool gizmo too.

Amazon Link

37. Self Defense Knuckles

Self Defense Knuckles + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

For self defense, also doubles as a bottle opener. Say it is a keychain when someone asks what that is.

Amazon Link

38. Children’s Apron

Childrens Apron + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

For that little chef in your life. These Aprons are cute with the cartoon frog printed on the colorful aprons. Apron color is random.

Amazon Link

39. KitKat Green Tea

KitKat Green Tea + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

This may sound weird, but believe me, this actually tastes good, and I am not a tea drinker. The pack contains a dozen two-finger KitKats. Delicious!

Amazon Link

40. Solar Powered Toy Car

Science: Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

Solar Powered Stoy Car + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

If you have a little boy who likes cars and science, this is the sweet spot between his loves. Note that this toy car is an outdoor toy, as it needs strong sunlight to go. Also, it has no remote. Your boy will have a nice time chasing this little bugger in the sun.

Amazon Link

41. Owl Necklace

Owl Necklace + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

This particular owl necklace looks far more expensive than it really costs. Who would know this costs less than 3 bucks? Perfect gift idea for a female friend.

Amazon Link

42. Panda Bento Mold

Panda Bento Mold + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

This is the perfect gift idea for moms with toddlers or school age children. Bento help children eat better and this mold helps making kawii bento easier.

Amazon Link

43. Heart Gem Necklace

Heart gem Necklace + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

Another cute necklace you can give to women. Costs less than three dollars and looks really nice.

Amazon Link

44. Light Up Charging Cord

Light Up Charging Cord + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

Flashy! This is a really nice gift idea for those who own an iPhone or Android phone. This is a cheap gift idea under 5 dollars, but looks like it costs more.

Amazon Link

45. Peas in a Pod Salt and Pepper Shakers

Peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars

A great addition to a a dining table! Cute and really high quality. You won’t believe this is under five bucks.

Amazon Link

46. “About to Hatch” Chick Salt and Pepper Shaker

Newly hatched chick shakers + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars 2

This salt and pepper shaker is just too cute, don’t you think?

Amazon Link

47. Nessie Laddle

Nessie Laddle+ 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars 2

One of the biggest problems in making soup is that the laddle do not stand on its own… Not anymore since this cute Nessie Laddle! This stands on its own, while cutely looking like Scotland’s Lochness Monster. Cute!

Amazon Link

48. Wind Up Flipping Dog

Wind Up Flipping Dog + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars 2

Crazy and funny! This will give children a few days of awe and laughs, until it breaks down. Well, that is the nature of wind up toys… they break down.

Amazon Link

49. Colorful Teething Toy

Teething Toy + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars 2

This is a nice inexpensive gift idea for a baby.

Amazon Link

50. Shower Cap for Babies

Shower Cap for Babies + 49 More Cheap Gift Ideas Under 5 Dollars 2

You have seen this in the memes! Turns out this meme is a real product you can buy from Amazon. This protects your baby’s eyes while being able to wash their hair.

Amazon Link

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