8 Superb Gift Ideas for Pilots

Last updated on March 19th, 2018

Flying is a dream for many. It gives a thrilling feeling especially if you are the one in charge like a pilot. You may have a special pilot in your life that you would like to surprise this holiday season or just wanted to surprise and give some cheers to brighten up one’s day. If that is the case, then you are lucky because we have prepared a list that any aviator would be charmed to receive. Check them out below for your perusal.

Aircraft Model

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To fly an airplane is what a pilot does all the time, having a miniature or an aircraft model would be a great icon on a man cave or a table top. This aircraft model is made of metal and the graphics of this model is the exact replica of Gemini Jets US Airways Shuttle. If your pilot friend is an avid collector of aircraft models then this would be the perfect gift for him!

Aviator’s Flying Gloves

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Cold weather especially during winter season, certainly take a toll on the pilot’s hands. To ensure warmness of his steady hands while flying you can gift your favorite pilot a pair of flying gloves. This Aviator Fire Resistant Flight Ops Gloves with Nomex is based on a classic flight-glove design which provides flash or flame protection up to 800ºF.

Aviator Sunglasses

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Bright lights can get in the way of a pilot. No wonder, they always wear sunglasses and that there’s a pair that is named after them. For sure your dear pilot already has aviator sunglasses but they can never have enough of these. With the Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, you are assured that you are gifting high quality spectacles from the iconic eyewear brand.

Airplane Bottle Opener

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Novelty items that can also be useful works like a charm, it’s like hitting two birds at one time. If you have a dear pilot who loves to pop some booze on his free time then you can gift this airplane bottle opener for a change. This airplane bottle opener has an antique bronze finish with a fabric gift tag which says: “let the adventure begin”. It is a charming novelty item that is also functional which is made especially for the darling pilot.

Aviator Watch

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Practical gifts are popular nowadays because we want our gifts to be worn and used by the giftee not only to remind them of our thoughtfulness but also to give them some adorable addition to their wardrobe. Time is monitored well by the pilot because every flight detail is important because if the schedule is not followed on time everyone would certainly be affected and most would be pissed for sure. You may think of gifting a watch to your pilot friend but did you know that there’s a customized watch which is made and designed only for aviators? This aviator watch is made from stainless steel which can be customized with a name, photo or any design. It is water resistant for up 300 feet too.

Flight INstruments Flying Watch

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Coffee is like a magic drink for many and if you have a pilot in your life who share the same passion that you have with coffee then this next gift idea should do the trick! This travel mug is carefully designed with flight instruments to be an eye candy for your darling aviator. As the name suggests, this travel mug is designed not only enclose the perfect caffeine fix but also to ensure that it won’t spill it out easily. With the help of the rubber lined lid, it ensures that this flight instruments travel mug would be spill resistant even while flying.

Star Badge Pilot Wings Cap

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Even pilots have some fashion statements or apparels that they prefer to wear every once in a while. If you have a pilot in your life who is fond of wearing caps and you would like to acknowledge his chosen profession then you can gift a customized star badge pilot wings cap. This cap offers a secured fit with a dazzling design of an embroided pilot wings. You can customize and add a line, title or put a name of your dear pilot to make it personalized.

Go Pro

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The aerial view is so astonishing and capturing such wondrous and breath taking views can be achieved through the Go Pro. The Go Pro Hero+ HD camera is one of the favorite cameras of pilots because it can be mounted even outside the airplane. The versatility of this camera is so amazing! It is waterproof, Wi-Fi capable and can withstand extreme environments and conditions.

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