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Gift Canyon is now accepting guest posts.


  1. Your guest posts must be about gifting. Topics like gift ideas lists, DIY gifts, gifting rules and etiquette, creative gift wrapping are accepted.
  2. The article body must have no affiliate links in them. References can be cited in the body, but you cannot promote your website in the body itself. You will have a special space in the byline for that purpose.
  3. You will get a one paragraph byline at the end of the post where you can promote to your website and social media properties. Up to two links only, please.
  4. Your article body must at least be 600 words, is original and has not been published anywhere. An exemption is DIY and Wrapping How-To’s where only around 300 words are needed, as long as step-by-step images are added.
  5. By sending a guest post, you agree to give Gift Canyon the rights to the article (when it goes live – we will not claim ownership on rejected articles) and not republish the same somewhere else.
  6. When we publish your guest post, you agree to visit the post once a while to answer comments.

A Note About Recent Requests

I can see through templates, people. If you sent me an obvious template pitch, your request automatically gets ignored. Seriously, if you are lazy enough to not send me a hand-written request to post, I know you are too lazy to send me a quality guest post.


Email Kit (the website owner) at:


Include the following details:

  1. Your name, email and website.
  2. The title of your guest post.
  3. Describe the content of your guest post.

Kit will then get back at you.

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