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Do you know a product or service you think is worth featuring in one of our site? Is it unique? Is it exciting? Is it one of a kind? Advertise it on Gift Canyon!

Currently, Gift Canyon is gathering over 50,000 hits a month. That is a lot of traffic to expose your giftable items with us.

There are a few ways to expose your products to our readers: through sponsored post, banner advertising or guest posts!

1. Sponsored Posts

We can write sponsored posts for you, objectively discussing your product and your company. Just give us details.

The fee varies, but we start at $150 per sponsored post. We will also put a 250×250 banner on the sidebar, linking to the sponsored post (isn’t that amazing?) and it will stay there for a month.

Please take note that the sponsored posts will say it is sponsored and links will be tagged nofollow.

2. Banner Advertising

You can also opt for traditional online advertising on the sidebar. Your advert will show as a 300×100 small banner. The cost for advertising for a month is $50.

Take note that we will only accept four at a time. First come, first served. The earlier advertisers will occupy the higher spots.

3. Through a Guest Post

Sometimes, a product is soooooooo good that we actually would want to feature it at no cost. (This is a rare occasion, though and we would want to reserve this for the most interesting gift ideas only!)

Just whip up an editorial that tells the audience what your products are, who would love to receive it and why they would love your products. You should still follow our guest posting rules, though!

We Will Still Exercise Editorial Judgment!

We still value our audience first! If we think your product is not quality enough to be a gift that will make a recipient squeal in glee, we will not publish or accept your money. Make sure your products are of great quality and value and will make us feel all giddy inside.

Contact the Webmaster!

Ready? Just contact Kit at the email address below and tell him of your intentions! Ready? Set. Go!