June Birthstone: Beautiful Alexandrite Jewelry You Can Give

For June birthday celebrants, a synthetic and simulated alexandrite piece of jewelry is another piece to behold, aside from the pearl.  Interestingly, this gem is associated with concentration and learning and is believed to strengthen intuition, aid creativity and inspire imagination—bringing good omens to anyone who wears it.

Check out these alexandrite jewelry gift suggestions below to give to a loved one or to someone who collects gemstone pieces.

Intro photo courtesy of Christina Rutz of Flickr.com.

1. Alexandrite Simulated Stud Earrings

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Because of its rarity, genuine alexandrite is difficult to find and can be very costly as well. Finding a simulated piece is an alternative but can also be very limited. This exquisite simulated alexandrite gem stone stud earrings are made of 5 mm Palladium silver posts. This earring comes in a rich purple with lots of glimmer and blue/red flashes. It can also be personalized as there is a choice in setting either into 14k yellow or white gold or on palladium silver.

2. Simulated Alexandrite Oval Cut Earrings

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If you are looking for a gemstone that will commemorate a significant milestone like graduation, this gemstone can perfectly represent learning aside of course from being a June celebrant. This wonderful two pieces earrings simulated alexandrite made of oval shape with a checker board top measuring 7 x 5 mm and with 2.00 carats total weight can be the symbol of creativity and imagination. The perfect gift to remind the person that education is a life long learning.

3. Color Changing Alexandrite Necklace

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Alexandrite is the June birthstone and this pendant necklace would definitely make a special gift. This elegant necklace/pendant approximately has a 2.1 carat gemstone. Its color changing alexandrite is accented by a white diamond. These stones were lab-grown at a certified gemological laboratory in Germany and are made from the same mineral composition as (and share identical properties with) their earth-mined "twins". The alexandrite changes its color under different sources of light (sunlight or artificial light, etc.) and can vary from shades/tones of purple/blue to shades of pink/red making it an interesting gift to give.

4. Classic Simulated Alexandrite Heart Shape Pendant Necklace

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This fashion pendant necklace enhanced with simulated alexandrite crafted in 10K solid white gold is a stunning piece of jewelry. This design will definitely complement a woman’s personal fashion style.

5. Simulated Alexandrite Ring Sterling Silver

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This elegant ring has simulated alexandrite on its center stone and is cushion shaped in 11 mm, 7.75 carats. Its color changes hue depending on lighting. It can go into a deep pink, dark purple, rich blue, and ocean teal colors and comes with brilliant sparkle. Its side stones are made of 44 pieces super sparkling machine cut white cubic zirconia and its ring weighs 5.20 grams made of pure sterling silver in.925 Stamp. Its ring size ranges from size 5 to 9.

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