Big List of Gifts That Begin With The Letter U

Holidays come with traditions, each family has their own unique traditions and gift giving has long been part of the holiday season. Gift giving can be time consuming to prepare since you need to do it months ahead especially if you have tons of names on your list. You may feel overwhelmed if you have a couple of friends and family, co-workers and even your neighbors also count. Since there is only little time to spare then you need to stick around and let us help you take your pick on the perfect gift to give this coming holiday season. We have listed the great gift ideas for the little ones up to the adults on your list and have categorized them for easier reference. So without further ado, sit back and see our top 100 gifts that begin with the letter U.

Toys to Play With

Toys are made to entertain the children of all ages. Each toy is designed to capture the attention and love of the child that play with it. Through playing, children can also learn more about life and the universe around them. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the little ones on your list, it may be your niece or your boss’ daughter then you need to check out our top finds of toys to play with below.

  1. U-Create Doodletop
  2. Uberstix
  3. Ucreate Music
  4. Ukloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game
  5. Ultimate Bubble Gum Fun Kit
  6. Ultimate Prank Kit
  7. Underwater Toys
  8. Unicorn Plush Toys
  9. Uno Attack Game
  10. Upwords Board Game
  11. U.S.A. Map Puzzle

Candies and Snacks to Munch

Hunger pangs are sudden onsets of urgency that we need to fulfill right away. We can’t eat a full meal especially when we are busy that’s why there comes the snacks and some candies to the rescue. Any foodie can relate to the joys brought by candies and snacks and if you have a foodie on your list of recipients then you can easily please them by gifting some sumptuous candies and snacks to munch. Check out our top favorites under this category from the list provided.

  1. U-gua Rice Snack
  2. U-No
  3. U NO POO Chocolate Covered Candies
  4. Unicorn Pop
  5. Universal Studios Emporium Pepper Imps
  6. Unsalted Peanuts
  7. Unsweetened Chocolates
  8. Up Next Gummies
  9. Utz Snack Pack

Books for Kids

Kids enjoy reading books even if they are not yet capable of doing so. You can see the sparkling eyes of the toddlers during bed time stories and that is when you know that they love the book that you are reading to them. Reading is a good pleasurable activity that is educational and uplifting at the same time. If you are on a quest to find the perfect book for kids as your gift this coming holiday season then you should see our hand-picked best sellers below.

  1. Umbrella. This is a classic story of a girl who got rain boots and an umbrella for her third birthday.
  2. Underground. This book is great for the early readers as it has only few words per page.
  3. Underwater Alphabet Book. Learning the alphabet through the underwater creatures is a fun way to amaze and teach your preschooler.
  4. Underwear! This book has a humorous story that your preschooler would enjoy.
  5. Unlovable. This is a charming story about a little dog.
  6. Up Above & Down Below. The pictures on this book are colorful and amazing, your little one would be delighted as every page turns.
  7. Up on Cloud Nine. This is a lovely story of coping up and growing up with a little humorous segues in the middle.

Electronics and Gadgets

Gadget Gifts That Begin With the Letter U

Electronics, gadgets and even the accessories of these devices are vital to our daily grind. Imagine your lie without technology and you would be in mere blank space with nothing. Seems scary and unrealistic, right? So if you are looking for the best gift idea and you have money to burn then why not gift some gadgets, electronic device or some accessories? These items would never ran out of usage since they are very useful in our daily activities. See our top finds of the electronics, accessories and gadgets from the list that we have prepared just for you.

  1. U Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Microphone
  2. U-Grip Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount
  3. Universal Bit Kit
  4. Universal Fast Charger for Smartphones
  5. Universal Remote for Televisions
  6. Universal Smartphone Car Mount Holder
  7. Universal Smartphone Ring, Stand and Mount
  8. Universal IR Television Remote Control for iOS Devices
  9. USB Car Charger
  10. USB Ghost Lamp
  11. USB Thermoelectric Cooler & Warmer
  12. U.S. Patrol Motion Alarm/Chime
  13. UZI Periscope

Tools for Hobbies

Tools for hobbies are also great gift ideas since you are gifting something close to the heart of your recipient. If you know the hobby of your giftee that means you know them personally and that you are keen to their interests and desires. Just ensure that what you will give them is not yet owned or your gift would just end up in their garage and be an accumulator of dust or just a mere paper weight on their desktop. We have listed the great tools that you can gift this coming holiday season, see them below for your reference.

  1. U-eipa Cans
  2. U-Joint Service Tool Set
  3. U Locks for Bikes
  4. U Plus Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
  5. U Shank Jigsaw Blade Set
  6. U Total Body Support Pillow
  7. Umbra Trigg Hanging Container
  8. Under Armour Men’s Ua Borderland 1/4 Zip
  9. Unite U Argan Oil
  10. UGG Australia Women’s Rosen Boot
  11. Ukulele
  12. Umbrella Magnolia
  13. Undercoat
  14. Undergarments
  15. Unicorn Root
  16. Unicycle
  17. US Army Knives
  18. US Divers Premium Snorkeling Set
  19. S. Polo Two-Tone Watches
  20. S. Proof Set
  21. Utensils

Food to Eat and Share

Gifts That Begin With the Letter U You Can Cook and Give

Food tastes even better when we eat them with the ones we love and cared for. Although we have tasted several cuisines over and over but the ones that are prepared and meant to be eaten together with our family and friends seem to be more special than any dish that we have ever tasted. Giving food as a gift is an economical way too. You can save some stash instead of buying individual gifts for your family and friends. If you can cook then flaunt your cooking prowess and create some delectable dishes and desserts for your loved ones this coming holiday season. Check out our recommendations from the snacks to the main course up to the desserts that you can prepare and gift for your whole family to enjoy and share.

  1. Ugli
  2. Uitsmijter
  3. Ujeqe
  4. Ujjah
  5. Ujwee
  6. Ulu
  7. Umbrella Fruit
  8. Umeboshi
  9. Upma
  10. Ultradecadent Double Chip Brownies
  11. Upside Down Orange Cake
  12. Uszka

Films to Watch

Movies are fun to watch because sometimes it depicts our situation and we can see ourselves in the big screen. Sometimes, movies can also serve as our escape in this stressful scenario that we are in. If movie is your thing and so as your giftee then there is no other better gift to give than some films to watch this coming holiday season. From the old movies to the most recent releases, we have listed them all below just for you. Pick your favorite and see which one would be perfect for your recipient.

  1. U-571
  2. Ultraviolet
  3. Underworld
  4. Undisputed
  5. Until Death
  6. Untraceable
  7. Up
  8. Uprising
  9. Urban Legends: Bloody Mary
  10. S. Bounty Hunters
  11. S. Marshals
  12. USS Poseidon: Phantom Below

Books to Read

Literature Gifts That Begin With the Letter U

Alone time for some can mean some time to snooze, some time to eat, some time to chat and others do use this time to read some well written books. Books are great gifts especially if you have book lovers on your list. Don’t fret because we have gathered the bestselling books of all time that begin with the letter U on the list provided below for your reference.

  1. U is for Undertow
  2. Unaccustomed Earth
  3. Unbowed
  4. Unbroken
  5. Unconfessed
  6. Uncovering Clinton
  7. Under Fire
  8. Under Fishbone Clouds
  9. Under the Banner of Heaven
  10. Under the Tuscan Sun
  11. Unlucky for Some
  12. Uplift
  13. Us
  14. US and Them
  15. Uses for Boys

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