Big List of Gift Ideas That Begin With the Letter X

The holiday season is here to stay. The holiday decorations are all over the place. We can see that malls are doing some marking down on their items and most people are already done with their shopping spree. But there are still people who are caught up with deadlines and toxic schedule that’s why these holiday shopping spree are set off the last minute. Luckily we have listed the top gift ideas that begin with the letter X and are subdivided into different categories. Check out our prepared list below for your reference.

Electronics and Gadgets

We all love technology because it gives us comfort and it makes our lives easier. Our work becomes tolerable and we become more productive through the help of the devices, gadgets and electronics. If you have a tech-savvy friend on your list this coming holiday season then why not check out our top finds of gift items that begin with the letter X from the list below.

  1. Xerox Printer
  2. Xtreme Multi-Knife 3-Pack

Films to Watch

The holiday season is the best time to bond with your family and friends. We do have set some activities to make for the whole family to enjoy and when you ran out of ideas to think of, why not sit around and gather to watch some great films together. A movie junkie recipient would love to receive a nice film to watch this coming holiday season as a surprise gift. If you are clue less on what to give, feel free to see our recommended films to watch from the list below.

  1. Xchange
  2. X-Files
  3. X-files: I Want to Believe
  4. X-Men: Apocalypse
  5. X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes
  6. X2: X-Men United
  7. X to Y
  8. X/Y

Tools and Equipment for Hobbies

We know that gifts are tokens of appreciation that we can give to our recipient. It may cost little or too much but either way it is the thought that counts most isn’t it? Well, if you know your recipient well it would be easier for you to think of a gift but if you are not that close to know each other well then it would be a bit difficult to think of the perfect gift for that person. The key is to know an interest or two about that person so from there you can branch out your ideas and think of the perfect gift for the holidays. You can start off by knowing the favorite hobby of that person and you can go a long way from there. Check out our great finds of tools and equipment for hobbies that begin with the letter X from the list we have prepared just for you.

  1. Xerophytic Plant
  2. Xie Skateboard
  3. XpressKit Programming Tool
  4. XpressKit Installation Equipment
  5. Xylophone

Books to Read for Kids

Children may share the passion of reading just like an adult and if you have a book lover child on your list then you know well that nothing would excite that kiddo but a good book for the holidays. See our list of the books for kids from the list provided.

  1. X’ed-Out X-Ray
  2. X-23

Toys to Play With

Kids would love to have a new toy for Christmas. They just love to play and one of the best gifts that you can gift this coming holiday season is an amazing toy to play with. Check out the great deals we have scored from the list below to help you out in finding the perfect gift.

  1. Xaxa Balls
  2. Xbox
  3. Xia: Legends of a Drift System
  4. Xia-Xia Pets
  5. X-kite
  6. X-Men Action Figures
  7. Xonex Big Art Set
  8. Xoomy Girls – Illustrating Machine
  9. Xploderz Guns
  10. Xpv Radio Controlled Plane
  11. Xtractaurs
  12. Xts Train System
  13. Xylo Rattle
  14. XYZ Alphabet Blocks
  15. X2 Power Flyer
  16. X-Zylo

Books to Read for the Book Lovers

Books are great gifts since they have no expiration date and you can conveniently wrap them and put them inside your bag to be ready for gift giving anytime and anywhere. Book worms are becoming more in numbers as the years gone by thanks to the great authors who share their knowledge and passion through their pen. We have listed the bestselling books that begin with the letter X for your eyes only, see them all below for your reference.

  1. X (A Kinsey Millhone Novel)
  2. X: A Novel
  3. X: The Experience When Business Meets Design
  4. X: The Southern Reach Trilogy
  5. X Clamp

Food to Eat and Share

A scrumptious food as a token of your love can never go out of style. Food is a great gift especially if you have a battalion of relatives to surprise. It is economical and you are assured that you will never forget a relative from the list since you won’t be needing to recheck after all. See our great finds of food to eat and share this coming holiday season.

  1. Xacuti
  2. Xavier Soup
  3. Xavier steak
  4. Xmas Cake
  5. XOXO Cookies

Unique Gift Ideas That Begin With X

We all have that one of a kind ideas that usually pops when we are in the mood to think and explore. Adding some personal touch to the gift per se makes the surprise a personalized and unique one. We have listed some of our unique gift ideas from the list below.

  1. X marks the spot. Create a treasure map and put a hint where you hid your holiday surprise. It may be a tangible or an intangible gift just for fun.
  2. XOXO letter. We all live in a fast phased environment and texting has become part of our daily grind. Receiving a long letter has become rare so if you have ran out of ideas for a gift this holiday season, why not make an XOXO letter for a change? Profess your love and appreciation to warm the heart of your recipient this cold holiday season.

46. Xacto Basic Knife Set

A knife cuts deeply and with its sharp blade one can have a clean cut wound.  So we heard our moms say don’t play with knives if you don’t want to get hurt but for someone who is into a arts and crafts, using knives is just a part of their routine to create an awesome piece of art.  This Xacto basic knife set is the perfect gift idea for the artsy or craftsy person on your list.  This would be very useful and would help your artistic friend carve and create fine details to their craft.  The Xacto basic knife set is equipped with knives for precision cutting that can be used for cutting paper, plastic, cloth, cardboard, foam board or even wood.  It also comes with a variety of blades with straight edge and fine point.  What makes the Xacto basic knife set extra special is that it is housed in a wooden chest that makes it classy and ready for gift giving anytime and anywhere.

47. Xaphoon

Have you ever heard of a music instrument that sounds like the saxophone but is more convenient and portable to be carried anywhere you go because of its size?  Well, if so then we do introduce to you the xaphoon.  It is a musical instrument that is a perfect gift idea for your music lover recipient.  The xaphoon is a musical instrument that sounds like a saxophone when used but is more portable to carry around.  The xaphoon is a great gift idea for the jazz lover on your list of gift recipients.

48. Xbox 360

Nothing beats good gaming and there is no other suggestion than an Xbox 360.  If you have a gamer on your list and you would not mind the amount that you would spend on your gift then we strongly recommend for you the Xbox 360.  The Xbox 360 you can play the latest and hottest games such as Forza, Minecraft, Horizon, Halo and more.  Aside from playing games, you can also watch HD movies and TV shows, Netflix and more.

49. XOXO watch

Your fair lady may not ask much and although she doesn’t ask, you know deep inside that you just want to give her nothing but the best things in the world.  She has been loyal to you and she loved you whole heartedly and all you can do right now is to surprise her and make her day.  Ladies do love to mix and match especially when it comes to jewelries, accessories and their wardrobe.  So if you want to surprise your lady love with an astounding gift this holiday season, why not give this XOXO watch set.  This XOXO watch set comes with a watch with colorful and seven interchangeable straps that would work well with her outfit of the day.

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