Big List of Gift Ideas that Begin with the Letter B

Special occasions call for celebrations!  We dress up, we eat out and most importantly we do pick something meaningful for the celebrant as a token of your appreciation and love.  It can be an elaborate gesture or a simple remembrance but either way, the thought of remembering your loved one and picking out a gift is already a kind gesture that is highly appreciated.  Some gifters want to make a theme on their presents to make unique and more memorable for the giftee.  If you are looking forward to make a bunch of gifts for your friend, loved one or relative which has a theme of the letter B then you can check out the 100 gift ideas that begin with the letter B below.  These are quick finds from the web that can be a gift on its own or a stocking filler to your bunch.  Couple it with a surprise presentation and you would certainly gain brownie points for sure!

Food, Desserts, Fruits And More

The letter B can stand for a scrumptious snack such as brownies.  Actually there are tons of food that begin with the letter B.  If you want to fill your basket with goodies to munch for your besty or your babe then you can check out our delectable finds for an appetizing surprise that your recipient would look forward to.  Ready, set and bombs away!

  1. Baked Alaska
  2. Banoffee Pie
  3. Banana Bites
  4. Barley Malt Syrup
  5. Beef Bourguignon
  6. Beetroot Salad mixed with fresh herbs
  7. Belgian Chocolates
  8. Beppino Occelli Testun al Malto. The cheese lover would certainly be amazed and wooed when you give this fine pound of cheese as a gift.
  9. Biscuits for Cheese
  10. Brioche
  11. Brownie Bucket. One brownie is scrumptious so you literally can’t stop at one, so a bucket full of brownies is such a great gift after all!
  12. Buttercream Cake
  13. Butternut Squash Soup

Hobby Materials

We need to use our time wisely, just like what the old folks say time is gold.  Once time is used it can never be retrieved back.  Some of us, use our free time on sleeping or playing but some do make a difference and call them a hobby.  If you have a friend, loved one or a special someone that you would like to surprise today and you thought that you would like to show that you care and support the hobby that your recipient chooses then the perfect gift would be an equipment or material to support and enhance once skills.  Check out our great finds of hobby materials that begin with the letter B.

  1. Backgammon game set. One of the oldest board game of all time.  Backgammon has been a favourite of many and as we know this game for two can surely kill time the exciting way possible.  This game set is great for the backgammon fanatic friend that you have!
  2. Badminton Set
  3. Baking Materials
  4. Bartending Basics. This book would be perfect for your aspiring bartender.  This contains the simple guides on how to mix cocktails and more.
  5. Bartending Tools and Equipment
  6. Baseball Set
  7. Beachcombing Sand Dipper
  8. Beaded Jewellery Making Guide
  9. Beer Making Kit. For the beer lover dude that you can’t live without, what would make him busy on his free time?  Well, beer crafting would be a great idea!  He would surely love to brew his very own beer for a change.
  10. Belly Dance Hip Scarf
  11. Bike Mount
  12. Bike Rim Lights
  13. Bird Watching Binoculars
  14. Blacksmith Tools and Materials
  15. Blogging Guide
  16. Board games. Nothing beats the classic way of killing time when technology is not that popular before.  Playing board games with family and friends is a great bonding experience that can give the players a great time without the fuzz of fidgeting one’s gadgets.
  17. Boating Skills Guide
  18. Boating Essentials
  19. Boxing Gears
  20. Body Building Self Help Book
  21. Bungee Jumping Treat. If you have a thrill seeker friend and you both want to try something out of the ordinary date then try bungee jumping and let your hearts pump harder than the usual.  Feel the thrill as you jump many feet above the ground and feel like a bird for once.
  22. Butterfly Collection Kit


Life has always been stressful and one of the common ways to escape reality is through movie watching.  Movie junkies can relate much to this and because there are plenty of films to watch, you can’t help but to zone out and watch all the movies you want with your significant other.  You can surprise your favourite movie buddy with any of these blockbuster films that we have gathered that surprisingly all begins with B.  So gather your favourite movie munchies such as popcorn, chips and chocolates and let the movies sway you off your feet!

  1. Bad Moms
  2. Bad Teacher. Have you seen Justin and Cameron on a film together?  Check out this film and have some good laughs with your buddy!
  3. Before We Go. Have you seen Captain America’s Chris Evans in a chick flick?  Well, you need to check out this movie and let him swoon you once more!
  4. Black Hawk Down
  5. Black Swan
  6. Borat. You can let your funny bone be tickled and see some really weird antics from Borat and sort of learn a culture or two about Kazakhstan.
  7. Bring It On. This feel good movie will make you feel like your back in high school and let you be in a time warp for few hours.

Books and Novels

Book lovers would enjoy a good read every once in a while.  If you have a bookie friend who loves to read then a good book would be a tremendous gift!  Surprise the love of your life or your favourite library buddy with any of these bestsellers that will certainly give your recipient the chills and a great reading time for sure!  Check out the great books we found that has the letter B on each title.

  1. Back to Blood
  2. Bad Luck and Trouble
  3. Bake Towers
  4. Balance of Power
  5. Band Box
  6. Baudolino
  7. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
  8. Bay of Souls
  9. Be Safe, I Love You
  10. Before I Go To Sleep

Jewellery, Accessories and More

Some women or even some men prefer to have some bling blings to complement one’s wardrobe.  It may be on special occasion or even on a daily basis.  If you have a recipient who prefers to wear some accessories and would love to have an additional to his or her collection then a jewellery or any accessory would be a delightful surprise!  Some accessories are also needed to make life easier such as Bluetooth headsets and more. Check out our favourite finds from the web and see which one would be your pick!

  1. Beaded Lanyard
  2. Beats Pill. Have a wireless speaker anytime and anywhere with the Beats Pill by Dr. Dre. All you need to do is to connect your mobile phone or any music device via Bluetooth and let the music maneuver you all the way!
  3. Bling Jewellery
  4. Bluetooth Headset Neckband. Now, you can take calls even during driving or when you got both of your hands tied up.  Thanks to the Bluetooth headset neckband that you can use even during your busiest episodes in life such as while driving, during jogging or a running session or even as you get caught up beating your deadlines.
  5. Bluetooth Shower Speaker. You can now enjoy your music even as you shower or even while at the beach without worrying about the water seeping through your speaker.
  6. Bracelets
  7. Button Folding Band for Smartwatch
  8. Boutonniere
  9. Brooch

Children’s Activity Books / Children’s Books / Game Sets

Holiday staycation is fun and refreshing but if you have kids, it would mean constant whining and complaints from them.  To ensure that your staycation would be peaceful and worry free, you need to equip yourself with tons of activity books that your kids would be busy with.  Check out our great finds under this category and see which one would suit your kiddos.

  1. Baby Brain Enhancer: Activity Book Baby
  2. Baseball Activity Book
  3. Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak Expansion
  4. Beach Sticker Activity
  5. Begin Chess
  6. Bible Stories: A Touch & Feel Book
  7. Big Book of Mazes and Labyrinths
  8. Big Kindergarten Workbook
  9. Books for Kids: The Mermaid Adventures
  10. Bored No More: Quiz Book
  11. Boy’s Doodle Book
  12. Brain Games for Clever Kids: Puzzles to Exercise Your Mind
  13. Brain Games for Dogs. Let your kids train your pooch to keep them busy and to let your dog learn a trick or two on this holiday season.
  14. Bun B’s Rapper Coloring and Activity Book

Toys For The Kids And The Kids At Heart

Playing is the best way to enjoy for kids!  Mostly they can play for hours without keeping track of the time, they can go on running around or playing over and over again like nuts.  Actually, not only kids enjoy playing with toys, even the kids at heart are going gaga over toys and because of that we therefore conclude that toys are one of the best gifts that you can give to your special someone, friend, relative or child if your recipient is a full blooded gamer and toys are just their thing.  See our top finds under this category, for sure you would hoard most of it for they are all fun to play with.  See the listing below for your reference.

  1. Babalu Happy Tails Felt Storyboard
  2. Baby Alive
  3. Baby Activity Playset
  4. Balance Bike
  5. Ball of Whacks
  6. Bay Einstein Toys
  7. Barbie. Of course, who does not love Barbie?  Every girl loves Barbie and playing this doll has been a rite of passage from childhood to puberty.
  8. Bath Squeaky Toys
  9. Beach Ball
  10. Beach Toys. Perfect examples of beach toys are the usual rake and pail set that we use to make sand castles.  Of course, there are other paraphernalia together with it to make the sand castle more gorgeous than ever!
  11. Beauty School in a Box
  12. Bilibo
  13. Blu Track Starter Set
  14. Boogie Board
  15. Box Cart
  16. Brain Stress Toy
  17. Brainteasers
  18. Brilliant Basic Corn Popper
  19. Bristlebots
  20. Bruder Toys
  21. Bubble Maker Kit
  22. Buggy
  23. Bumpy Developmental Ball
  24. Building Blocks
  25. Bug Catcher

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