List of the Best Clash of Clans Gift Ideas!

Do you have a Clash of Clans nerd that is going to celebrate his birthday or you will meet for a holiday? You might want to give them a COC themed gift idea. Since they are quite addicted to Clash of Clans, they will appreciate if they received a gift that looks like it came out from the mobile game.

Check this list of eight Clash of Clans gift ideas!

"After the Next COC Level" Mug

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LOL! This gift idea perfectly captures how addictive Clash of Clans is. I remember my days when I was addicted to video games. I can play my games non-stop for twelve hours, without eating or drinking water. I can imagine the people who are addicted to Clash of Clans -- tapping on their iPhone all day without eating. This mug can become their all time companion, supplying your COC player with non-stop caffeine to keep playing their favorite mobile game.

Wall Breaker Shirt

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A shirt is one of the most useful gift ideas ever, and the Wall Breaker is a nice print on a Clash of Clans gamer's shirt. This fun shirt is made of 100% comfy cotton, so your geek can play COC comfortably even if it is hot. This will become his favorite shirt!

Hog Rider Figurine

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Balloon! Parade! Balloon! Parade!

If you have seen the Clash of Clans commercial that features the Hog Rider dancing in the aerial attack, you will also sing it when you see this extremely cute Hog Rider figurine. Your Clash of Clans junkie will like it too and will immediately recognize the super funny character. This is approximately seven inches high and looks detailed. This is a great gift idea for toy collectors, too!

"Lego" Clash of Clans Figures of Six Characters

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These are not really a Lego brand, but these are compatible with the Lego brand blocks. In the pack, you will get six characters from the game: Goblin, Wizard, Archer, Wall Breaker, Barbarian and Skeleton. These are of high quality and your COC-addicted friend or family will love it. It does bring their game to life. This is also a great decor to a COC-themed bedroom, as well as for toy collectors.

Barbarian King Figurine

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Those ubiquitous yellow haired guys! I you love these basic units, you will also love their hero, the Barbarian King!

Your COC addict will love this Barbarian King statue. This figurine of the barbarian king is a great addition if your Clash of Clanner already has the Hog Rider or as tandem gift to it. This is also roughly seven inches tall and like the Hog Rider figurine, it looks like a quality merchandise.

Clash of Clans Tips Book

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For the person who is still learning how to Play Clash of Clans competitively, you can give them a gift that can help them advance in their playing. This book offers an expert player's tips and strategies on how to play Clash of Clans well without spending on gems. This little book is a goldmine for the beginner, so get it for your newb Clash of Clanner!

"Keep Calm and Gem It" Mousepad

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What you gonna do if you are in a hurry but the building takes too long to upgrade? GEM IT!

This funny "Keep Clam" mousepad is what a Clash of Clans player need while on their PC sessions (probably researching a strategy). This measures 9.25" x 7.75" and is perfect for any desk or work space!

COC Weapons Pendants

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The ladies love jewellery, so why not give them a pendant set that included a full set of pendants shaped like the weapons used by the units in Clash of Clans? These pendants look cute and will look so fine hanging on a COC-addicted woman's neck. The pendants are of 5-10 centimeters large and the set comes with a chain to make it ready to wear. This is a perfect gift idea for a fashionable Clash of Clannner.

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